The Magical School

The Magical School

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Chapter 2

My Birthday and way to Magical School!!

And when I woke up my eyes were half open and I saw something and when I opened my eyes completely I found it is my two sisters (Maureen and Priscilla) were standing there along with mother and father and they then all sing together in a pleasant manner "Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You."

"O! Thanks a lot, It was a good surprise for me." I said with a small smile on my face.

"No problem, Zatch." They replied together.

"Ok, but now let me to be fresh and change." I said them casually.

"Ok, change fast and come fast downstairs for breakfast." My mother said to me.

"ok! mom, meet you downstairs." I replied while sighing.

And I changed fast and go downstairs and there I take breakfast and then go with my sisters in their room. There we sit and start taking about our studies and what is going on now. But I was still waiting for 4:00 pm. And while talking with them it was now 12:00 pm so, our mother call us on dining table to take our lunch and as soon I finished my lunch I went in my room for a little rest and I sit on my bed thinking about today's evening. And finally it is about 4:00 clock.

Then coming downstairs I said my mother "Mom, I am leaving for flower park and I will return somehow late."

"Ok, go but take care of yourself and Elser." she said me as she was advicing.

"O!,yes, mom, I know how to take care of myself and I am grown up now." I replied with some silly expression.

My mother is a affectionate and thoughtful women. And she doesn't want to discourage me on my birthday so she replied "I know but take care."

Then I left for park and soon I reach there but I found that I was little late.

"Hey how are you Elser?" I asked her first.

"I am fine but I think you are somehow late." She replied, her voice a pleasant tenor that seemed to drift as music to my ears and I wish to hear her voice through lifetime.

"Yes, I know. But do you know it's my birthday today." I told her in a pleasant voice.

"Really, I am glad to know that and I wish you very very happy birthday." She replied pleasantly.

As I was to reply a white paper fall in front of us and when I put it, it was written there 'The Magical Land' with gold and when I opened it completely it was a map
of some place and I was taking a look at it and put it on ground and when I put my hand on it......

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