The Magical School

The Magical School

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Chapter 1

End of the examination And being the friend of Elser!!

After the bell rang I came out school and start walking down on street to reach home and I was thinking about the my high school 'Westchester Country Day High School' but as I was to step forward I saw Elser moving towards me, she is a ginger, tall and intelligent girl.

She asked me gently "Hi! How are you Zatch?" , her voice a pleasant tenor that seemed to drift as music to my ears.

"Hi! Elser I'm doing great and what about you?" I replied casually.

Leaning forward she replied "I am fine but I'm just thinking about our High School."

"O! I'm also thinking same." I replied in a low voice, and it seems that I was surprised that time.

"So, What do you think our school would be like? Really I wish that we go in a school like A Monster School or A Magical School." She said with a doubt and smile on her face.

"What! A magical school or A monster school, oh! forget that foolish idea there is nothing like that." I replied angrily.

"I am not saying that we are going to be there, I am just imagining." She replied in a low voice.

"But...I wish that we never be there." I added.

"Oh! sorry don't be angry." She replied with her eyes movement.

"Ok! no problem but how were your exams?" I asked in a pleasant tone.

"They were awesome I think I could at least get 98% as my results." She answered happily and she asked "But how were your exams?" with a smile on her face.

"O! I predict that I could get about 99% as my results." I also replied happily. And also added "This time exams were very easy than before."

"Yes! They were very easy." She concluded.

And now we reached at the lane from where we have to move to our houses that's why we stopped there and I asked her with my glistening eyes "Could we be friends now?"

"Yes, I was also to ask that." She replied gently.

Then we shook our hands and I asked her in a low voice "Can we meet tomorrow at the Flower park?"

"Yes! Why not, but what will be time?" She replied gently.

"From 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm." I replied.

Then we moved forward to our houses saying "Bye!" to each other.

And I said to myself "I know I hidden that tomorrow is my birthday that's why I had called her to give her a surprise, I am sure that she will be surprised and glad to know that it's my birthday tomorrow." and smiled.

And soon I reached home and took my breakfast and I sit in my room while waiting for tomorrow.

And it's now time to sleep and finally the next day came.

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