When I'm freaked out.... o.O

Chapter 1


When I get really freaked out or scared (which happens ALL the time) I go crazy, like literally!! I'll start choking myself for some reason... Then I'll laugh hysterically, and jump at every little sound. Then I can't keep still, I'm always up and moving around... I really go insane, it's really weird, and I have no idea why I do this... It started a few months ago, and I really want to know what's causing this... Maybe I watch too many horror movies? I don't know... But literally, I like go insane, you should watch the video I took and I was freaking out over my reflection, because I apparently thought I looked like a demon or zombie or something... Then I was purposely making these weird noises with my throat, and trying to choke, and no one was there, I was just doing it all alone, while trying to make a video... I forgot I was even filming, and I went like crazy! I deleted that video at once after I recorded it, because I looked soooo freaky in the video, and I was acting so strange... And so yeah, I don't know if I should be telling you this, but I am...I know I'm weird. :P


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