Darkness -Original Story-

Wrote this little gem on my phone, raining at the barn and I have nothing to do. Sorry for any errors. I had a different beginning, but my phone spazzed and deleted it.

Chapter 1

Closing in

I sit with my back against the corner, watching the dim light gleam in the window on the rough textured floor.
It stretches halfway across the room in a thin line, providing no light for the other corners. I glance through the window, the world is enveloped in darkness, the moon is a faded reminisce of its former self.
I tried opening the window once, but it wouldn't budge, I tried breaking it, which made things worse. I can't escape here and I know it.
I can't see the other 3 corners, but I can feel the wall behind me, and that must lead to somewhere. Everything has an end.
I can feel the darkness, the heaviness it brings, the uncomfort, the entrapment. It's looming over me, it's taking me. Slowly. It'll swallow me.
It swallowed the walls, it swallowed my exit, it swallowed the world. Im all that's left. And this window.
I could do without the window, however. My only source of light, and also the timer. It's close to 0.
The streaks of light I've fixated on have receded. I study the moon again, its bottom half is slowly fading.
I feel the corners closing in on me, the walls minimizing, the darkness seeping closer, its sinister drone reaching out to me.

My head is pounding, it hurts so much. The drone is now a heavy metallic scraping. It's eating me. It ate the moon. It ate the window.
I feel it, an immense pressure bearing down on me, I feel constricted, like I'm being squeezed.
It's tightening, slowly and steadily tightening.
My bones are starting to wear. It's too tight. It's too much. I feel myself breaking, I have no exit now, I'm trapped.

I bring the knife to wrists and slice, quick and deep.
I can feel the darkness fading.


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