An Enigmatic New World

Hello, and yes, I finally got around to starting this story! Really quite excited to start off my first group story, and I think my friendly authors are as well.
Please take the time to read this fun new story and leave a comment to let us all know what you think!
Happy Reading! :)

Chapter 1


by: Shiranuii
7 Days Before

With a sudden spark I am filled with life and teeming with peculiar sensations, yet darkness still engulfs me. My soul was thrust forth into existence, but even in its earliest stages I am unable to make sense of my whereabouts. The substance around me is thick and rests heavily on my shoulders, coating my body.

Through some primordial instinct I feel my hands twitch, struggling to grasp onto the energy I feel beaming from my core. I can feel each finger flex, then an arm, sluggishly dragging through whatever substance I am resting in.

I begin to feel every fiber of my body, discovering my being and who I am. In choking darkness I kick a leg out, trying to free myself from this environment. Surely there must be more to my existence than an endless black world and air that is thick to the touch?

The back of my hand hits some sort of solid object. Excitement flutters wildly through me as I discover more of the secrets the darkness holds. I place the palm of my other hand against this wall and begin to slide my hands slowly around on it. The texture is soft and smooth, but also moist from the liquid it contained. Instinct told me that it would be easy to rupture.

With a jolt my eyes flash open, and the darkness vanishes. I squint my eyes at the blurry light that tries to penetrate the coating that surrounds me. I am unable to determine what lies around me, but I only know that I must get out.

Curiosity is the driving surge of energy that goads me to stretch at the membrane around me. The substance around me makes it hard to move, but with sheer determination I press on, but to no avail.

With no hesitation I lean back and place my feet onto the wall, pushing on the solid back of the membrane. Pain tugs at my legs as I stretch them to their limits, trying determinedly to get out.

Suddenly the entire container ruptures and I'm sent surging out in a gushing flow of the substance I was resting in. I'm sent hurdling over a large root before tumbling onto a dry patch of soil.

Coughing, I wipe they side of my face with an arm, trying to smear whatever the clear liquid is off of me. The endeavor was nigh on pointless considering I was coated in the stuff anyway. Sighing, I sit and lean back on my hands in forfeit.

My mind quickly wanders to other, more pressing matters. I had steadily traveled from bleak darkness to an unnerving blurriness of vision. Now the entire world loomed before me, menacing and terrible. Every detail attacked me at once in blinding color and blisteringly sharp detail. I tried shutting my eyes to the sunshine that reflected cleanly off of every dewdrop.

In utter awe I gaze up in wonder at the magnificent creations that gaze down upon me in superiority. I'm surrounded by lush green woods and entangling vines and epiphytes. Wild mysterious creatures skitter from shelter to shelter, desperately trying to avoid my watchful eye.

To my left a large shrub grows blooming brilliantly red flowers whose petals' gradients turned them into a light pink. I reach to pluck one but immediately recoil. I pull my finger up to my eye, surprised to find a white substance leaking from my fingertip. With a closer look at the bush, I see the flowers are surrounded by thorns that sharply bite whatever oppressors seek to take their red treasures.

Nodding and apologizing to the bush for warding me off, I wander forward into the woods. Although I had been bitten, I felt no fear, no trepidation of embarking on a journey into this enigmatic new world. Pure intrigue fueled my mind and soul; I hadn't the faintest idea that anything would set out to harm me or frighten me. I felt empowered, as if the entire world belonged to me. That was until I reached the bluffs at the edge of the forest.

The terrain dropped off suddenly before me beyond the clearing of the trees. The ground was several hundred feet below, and instinct told me it would be most unwise to try and jump it. What struck me most was the scene in front of me.

Gray and black shapes, reaching towards the great blue sky, coated the landscape. They looked desolated and decrepit, as if they had been abandoned for centuries. Fresh life and trees sought to entangle them around their worn corners, but their height was immensely humbling. Swallowing my fear, I look reluctantly but forcefully forward at these creations, challenging them to defy me.

This is my world.

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