Please read, I promise this time it's important (at least to me)

Chapter 1


I decided I am to have no more enemies on here, because honestly, I love you all sooooo much, and I hate when we're fighting, it literally makes me cry sometimes! You guys mean so much to me, and I feel awful when I hurt any of you, but being me, I usually end up doing so... I really want to apologize to ALL of you... To my best friend's who are defending me and getting hurt or hate because of it, to those who feel that I am annoying/attention seeking, (and I am, I'm defiantly not denying it) I actually wanted attention, so I admit, I did create those annoying stories when I shouldn't have... I apologize to those I offended, I really mean it, I'm so sorry, and I feel terrible that I hurt you... I actually appreciate all this hate, (or maybe I shouldn't call it that, since it helped me) it showed me things about me I didn't know, I seriously thought and considered all that you said, and quite frankly most of you were right... So I thank you, I thank you so much! I love you all! And I apologize, really, from the bottom of my little heart, I am really sorry. :3


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