My one and only rant I will ever make on a wide range of subjects so read it. please

Chapter 1


by: x__v
This is split into sections, if you comment please say what section on.

What is your point people? You go back and forth bullying each other and flood everyone's inboxes with rants. I don't care what side you're on, here's some reasons why you should all forget about it;
1.You're filling up people's inboxes and it gets annoying.
2.(for the Christians mostly) I am not Christian but does it not say in the Bible to respect others? and this would include other religion(or the lack there of)
3.You are causing yourselves stress by dragging this out and trying to get revenge at each other.
4.You make a vicious circle by making all you rants, someone makes something and a war starts and people make rants and counter-rants and it goes on....
5.How do you think the user Quibblo feels about people fighting a virtual war on his site? What if he decided to delete all the users involved in it to try to stop it?
6.I am personally asking you to stop. I do not get angry easily and this is really starting to annoy me, so please stop.

You have a who life ahead of you and you chose to spend it crying about something you can probably fix. Honestly, every human being is capable of happiness if they just try. I was once on the point of suicide but my friends helped me, just like I want to help you now, and once I decided that I wanted to leave all the hate and depressing crap behind and be happy my life got 10 times better. You annoy other with your "I want to die!" and "I'm going to commit suicide" stories but you still come back on Quibblo the next day. EITHER GET IT OVER WITH OR GET HELP!!!!! No one should die by their own hand, I have a friend who's older brother committed suicide and it's a very touchy subject with him. They even make it sound like a crime! They say some one committed suicide, like some one committed murder! If you need help please message me, don't be afraid to.

If you are going to delete actually do it, don't say you are going to and then come back a month later saying "I'M BACK EVERYONE" if you say you are done with Quibblo then go to your user, go to "edit profile" toward the bottom there should be an orange link that says "delete account" or some such, it's next to the "update user" button. Now, if you have a reason why you have to quit for an extended period of time(like how I had to for half a year, for those who remember) then do not delete your account, send out a story with and eye catching title and tell people not to send you messages and explain why you will be gone.

I don't even get why people do this. You are just making an ass of yourself by bullying. You make someone feel bad and you can get reported and get your user deleted.

Don't send stuff out about how much you hate yourself, it makes you seem to be an attention seeker. If you have low self esteem it could be a chemical in balance, in which case you are not eating the right foods and should see a doctor who would refer you to a dietitian. It could be hereditary, you should go see a doctor to get the correct medication to make you feel better. And last, if it is none of those you should go see a guidance councilor, it's their job to make people feel better so don't be afraid to talk.


And that's exactly what spam is. Don't send invites twice, don't make dupicats of quizzes and never ever send crap like "I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT AND I'M SO TIRED!! GOODNIGHT QUIBBLO" -that is the most annoying, inbox clogging invention ever and there is no point to it so don't do it!

I believe that is all. Than you, I hoped you learned something new today.


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