This is a rising issue in the world and I wanted to give some a list just so you can hear how stupid you sound and I'll try 2 add a new chapter every week. ENJOY. Nice comments please. Don't try to play it off like you don't you don't lie

Chapter 1

Lies Children tell thier parents

• Everybody failed that test
• Mom: Where you going? You: To the store (you
come back 4 hours later)
• I didn't get my report card yet
• We just friends
• I was in school, the teacher just didn't see me I was in the back
• My stomach hurt can I stay home?
• Yes I did my homework
• I didn't do it
• I don't know how it broke
• I didn't take it
• I don't have it
• I passed my test
• I did my chores
• My brother/sister did it
• Yes I went to the party but I didn't drink
• Yes I went to the party but I didn't smoke
• It's not a hickey its a bruise
• No I didn't throw a party
• I didn't crash the car
• I got home late because I got lost
• I'm not lying

That's some of lies we tell our parents stay tuned for chapter 2


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