Mysteries and Evil ~ A House of Anubis Group Story

Mysteries and Evil ~ A House of Anubis Group Story

Mysteries and Evil is a House of Anubis Group Story. Clio is an American and her parents sent her to boarding school to learn how to act. Avia is a brit and was sent to boarding school because of bullies., They aren't the greatest of friends. But the House wakes when two past enemies of Anubis House return. What will happen next, well, read, and you will find out...

Chapter 1

Clio Salem: Thanks A Lot Eddie!

The flight was awful, I was stuck between two old snoring brits! Ugh, I want to be back in America. The cab drive wasn't so pleasant either, I thought I was about to throw up! When we arrived to the boarding school, the cab had to drive a little farther, so we arrive at Anubis House, or whatever it is called, no, I got that right. I quickly hopped out and grabbed the two of my bags and my guitar. I walked inside, my back pack on my back, the suit case in one hand, guitar in the other. I opened the door, and it slammed behind me.
" Oh!" Said a middle-aged woman who was cleaning, " You startled me!"
" Hey, I'm supposed to be here,"
" You must be Clio, I'm the house mother, Trudy, I'll take you to your room, Ronald is not here right now, so I will do it,"
Trudy lead me upstairs to a room. I walked inside, and Teudy left. There were three beds, so I had two roommates, great...
I opened my backpack and put up pictures me and my family, and friends, which I don't have much of. My roommates walked in, and immediately hang up things,
" I'm Clio," I quickly said. One of the girls put up a poster, it said Avia on it, Avia and the other girl looked nervously at each other, I don't know if it was the normal mischievous look on my face, or something else, they ignored me. I hung up some band posters and mumbled, " So your one of those kinds of girls," I mumbled.
My mom and dad forced me to go to this lame boarding school to " teach me how to act,". Whatever I looked at a necklace that a family friend gave me, it looked like an eye. It was old but he told me it would be important at some point. The Millers have always been a family friend, Ms. Miller's son, Eddie, went to this school, and stayed at Anubis House. So Ms. Miller suggested it to my mom, and now I'm stuck here, so thanks a lot Eddie.

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