You Do NOT Do This to a Girl... D:

He is going to die tonight... >:(

Chapter 1


I just got back from the river and I'm sopping wet. And it's not because of swimming. Sure, I swam for awhile, but I was dry when we decided to run around.

So, the only person my age at the tiny-river-party-thingy-mabobber was a guy named Danny, (I personally can't stand him, I've had a pretty bad history with him, but I was hoping he had changed since the last time I saw him) so naturally, I tried to talk to him since the second oldest child (not including me) there was 9.

I was just talking, trying to be nice, when he turned around and dumped a bottle of water on me! YOU DO NOT DO THAT TO A GIRL!!!!!!! I decided he was going to die in my hands tonight, so I shook up a can of diet Coke, and when I opened it on him, he turned it towards me! Then, he went, got another can of Coke AND POURED IT ON ME!!! >:O [[IF BOYS PLAN ON LIVING, YOU DON'T DO THAT TO A GIRL!!!]]

This is the sweet part, the one where you're like, "Aww, that's so cute!" Because all of the little kids (seven to be exact) got really mad and sided with me, and we wasted around nine cans of Coke on Danny. And around 12 bottles of water. YEAH, I WAS REALLY MAD.

After chasing him around for about an hour, I was finally able to pour two bottles of water on him, and a full can of diet Coke!! (Of course, I had to pour all of the Coke into an empty water bottle before spraying him) I was also able to hit him with the remains of my pizza, and a chunk of three ice pieces that were stuck together. They broke when they hit his head. Most of you are probably like, "Pish posh, big deal that ice broke when it hit him," but I'm generally a peaceful person, and unless you really tick me off, I will just playfully throw things at you. If I threw something (even if its just ice) hard enough that it broke on you... Well, we have a problem.

After what I thought was truce, Rita (some of you people that I message might remember her as the girl with the possibly cannibalistic brother named Ryan) started this whole war where she shoved ice down people's shirts! I have no idea why, but I was a popular target, and I had it done to me ELEVEN TIMES! (Three times by Danny)

There was also this one point of time where I tried to wrestle a piece of ice out of Rita's hand, and SHE BIT ME! HARD. I thought she was digging her finger-claws (yes, claws) into me, but it turned out she had her TEETH SUNK INTO MY FLESH. It hurts now... :(

Anyways, DON'T drench a girl with water, diet Coke, or shove ice down her shirt, unless you have a death wish. I, personally, am going over to Danny's house tonight to kill him in his sleep. Yep. That's what I'm going to do. DO NOT MESS WITH ME.

Haha, I hope this effected you in an entertaining/advicey sort of way, because seriously, don't mess with a girl. Especially with her hair.

So, have a wonderful evening/morning/afternoon/whatever, (it depends on where you live) my lovies and don't be stupid. You will die. Even if its unhealthy for you. (Connor quote! XD)

~ Lexi :)


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