What have humans done to this beautiful Earth? (Repost)

Chapter 1


Once, long long ago, the earth was a peaceful, beautiful place. Then one day, humans came along, and trashed the earth. They threw their trash in places other than the trash can. They wasted precious resources without a care. They endangered countless species of animals. They polluted the air and water. The humans came along and RUINED THE PLANET. Why, guys, why do we do this? Why do we leave the lights on and walk away like we don't give a crap about the resources we're wasting? Because we don't. Why do we leave the water on while we brush our teeth like we don't care about all the water just being wasted? Because we don't. Why do we only use one side of the paper, like we don't care that we're wasting trees, which give us the oxygen we breath? Because we don't. Why do we waste every great gift that the earth gave us like we don't care? Because we don't.

This is your planet. My planet. Our planet. So why don't you turn off the lights, turn off the water, use both sides of the paper, RECYCLE!, and start freaking appreciating every little gift this planet gave us, whether it's as small as a drop of water or as big as the biggest tree you've ever seen.

Look at what we've done. Go look at those pictures and tell me just how great humans are, how great we are to the planet. Go ahead, tell me exactly what you think when you see those pictures.

Do you care? Do you realize that in the future, our kids could be living underground because the air is unbreathable, and every once in a while, some brave kid will go try to see the earth, and DIE? Do you realize that our kids will hate us, because in school they will learn it was us who polluted the earth, it was us who ruined everything? Do you realize that day be day, we are destroying the planet we call home? Do you care about the earth at all?

This is Earth. Respect it.


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