This is a time-travel and mystery type of story. It is an interesting story. And Yes this is the plot. I will talk to you to assign each others group stories. And if making a group story that is this story called "Locket Of Heritage" I will thank you and notify me also.

Chapter 1

Starting the Time Travel

Put it in this exact order for your resume in being in the story. Don't use this example.About 3-6 ppl, are going to be her best friends to travel with her. She needs a guardian that is related to her like a grandma/pa, uncle/aunt, since her and her twin's parents deid in a boat crash on their way to the Bahamas Country.
Format (Character Example is Mine):

Character Name: Mackenzie Eras
Personality/Power: She loves swimming,volleyball, time travel, and hang out with her friends and guardian
Family Experiences: Has a twin sister or bro. Evelyn and Mason Eras died of a car crash.
Before they died, they gave Mackenzie a locket since the twin sister/bro had something else interested in then tv and time travel. And also gave the twin sis or bro a mirror that was from the movie Beauty and the Beast which is our favorite.
It turns out it is from the Egyptian Era stuff.
Hates: Betrayal,Stupid things,alcohol,drugs,wine, color pink
Loves: Ariana Grande. Pitbull, Christian Aguilera, FLO RIDA, Fun, Bruno Mars,Clarity,time travel, mysteries,History, and Janelle Monae. A little bit of Rihanna.

Name: Heather Eras
Personality/powers: likes to play soccer, sailing and time travel and writing
Family experiences: has a twin sister, her mom and dad died in a car crash they gave us a mirror from beauty and the beast. It's actually from the Egyptian era.
Hates: that her parents died, alcohol, drugs, smoking, girly things
Loves: Cher Lloyd, the movie ink heart, time travel, books


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