Group Story: No Spots Left

I'm hoping to start a group story with 5 people including me. It's a dystopian fantasy with hybrids of animals and magic.

Chapter 1

Group Story: No Spots Left

Group Story full.
Sent in by: Shorto (me)
Name: William Leon
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Hybrid: Black Cave Lion
Interests: Lounging, hunting, thievery
Talents: Magic, lying, thievery
Personality: Friendly, mysterious, serious, has sense of humor, sly like a fox.
Appearance: Black/ Grayish hair, lion paw feet, lion fingers, eyes, tail, ears, and fur goin from wrist to forearm. No shoes, ripped up jeans, regular long sleeved black shirt.

Sent in by: Shiranuii
Name :Tori Epsilon
Age : 19
Gender : Female
Hybrid: Side-Striped Jackal
Interest : Exploration, Knowledge, Magic
Talents : Long-distance running, Spear-hunting, Tree-climbing,
Witty, Cunning, and creative. She likes uncovering the unknown and using that to her advantage. Very open-minded to other people, cultures, and ideas, and is extrovert. Crafty and likes to lighten the mood

Sent in by: cookielover27
Name: Niikhi Williams
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long straight hair that is a vibrant red, tall for her age, likes wearing cute tees and skinny jeans, finds Converse sneakers
Hybrid: Tawny Brown Owl

Sent in by: Rycbar123
Name: Zhane Boylan
Age: 18
Hybrid: Boyd's Forest Dragon/ Malagasy Giant Chameleon
Interests: Reptilians, genetics
Talents: Cross-Species Engineering, astronomy
Appearance: Medium length black hair, scales on forearms and talons as fingernails. Tan skin,Michigan hoodie,Tardis t-Shirt,Kind of baggy black pant's,Jordan hightop's(Black and Red)

Name : Faelyn Reeds
Age : 16
Gender : Female
Hybrid: South American gray fox
Talents : Very athletic, Quite smart.
Personality: Somewhat impulsive, thinks quickly, competitive, likes to laugh, fun-loving.
Appearance: Long, curly reddish-brown hair with streaks of gray, ears like a fox, lean muscles, tail


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