Quibblo Allstar: Goodbye Messages

ok so here are your goodbye messages.

Chapter 1


by: Cam12
Allison, you are truely a girl with great potential. Your writing inspires others to write. It is an honor to be your friend.

Goodbye, Allison. I wish you didn't have to go, but it had to happen. Hope you had a good time even though your elimination was early!

Wish you were staying

'm really sorry you got out so quickly :( You will be missed. I was looking forward to having you in the competition!! You did a great job though. Honestly! :)


Allison, you are an amazing author. You deserved to stay in. Anyways you are so positive and great and keep writing. I will always love your stories.

Hey girl! I t's sad to see you go :-/ I was really looking forward to working with you. You are really a great writer! mwah

Bye! Your story was great and I voted for you through and through, bummer you have to go! :( But don't be bummed, you still did great!! :)

I'll really miss you in the contest! You were really awesome and I wish I had of voted, but I didn't know we could. I'll totally miss you, why you?! WHY!!!!???? Oh and I loved your icon, toodles!

You tried your best and that's more than enough.

Just remember: what matters is you got nominated. And you know what you're doing, so don't let losing get you down. Just continue on writing, and I'll continue on reading!

I'm so sorry you were the first one to get out of the competition! You're an amazing author, and don't stop writing! :)
-Olivia (bewarethenargles)

Sorry not everyone gave there's but if I get more I will add them on.

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