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Yep, another one.

Chapter 1

Stupid people...

Okay well I was thinking about doing one these already but someone pissed me off today and made it a sure thing! I need to vent! Before I end up one of those kids who shoot up their school cause everyone is STUPID!!!!!

Okay, so I fcuking hate stupid people!!! Like what the fcuk! There are a few things recently that have caused this particular rant and I'll just tell you them really quick because I don't know how else to explain it!

Story 1
So last week I was walking home from school and this car drove by me. As it approached me it slowed down and I saw that there were a bunch of people from my school inside and as they came within earshot of me one of them yelled out: "You're adopted!!!"
And then they proceeded to speed away going faster than the speed limit.
Okay so my first thought was what if I had actually been adopted?
What if they had actually said that to someone who was ACTUALLY adopted?
Would they even feel bad for saying it? Would they think it was funny? What the hell was the point of that???
Why would you just yell that out to someone? I really wish I was adopted so I could have yelled that back to them.

Story 2
Okay this one isn't from school but whatever. So just this last weekend my little sister (13) went to "hang out" with a friend of hers. She has gotten into A LOT of trouble the last couple years because she is a compulsive liar and does bad things with guys on the internet (sorry I'm getting personal). But my parents had just recently started to allow her back on the computer trying to let her have just a little bit freedom from the tight leash she had been on. So they are trying to give her a chance to earn their trust back and what does she do?
She lies!!!! She was told to be home at 4:30 when she left the house but she doesn't get home until nearly 10 o'clock!!!! My parents were looking all over the city for her, had other people looking, were about to call the cops!! They were worried SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then she comes walking up to the house pretending to be out of breath like she ran home with the sorry excuse that she "lost track of time". THE SUN WENT DOWN YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Story 3
This was just after lunch today in the hallways at my school. My school is extremely crowded because there is over 2,000 kids and the school just isn't big enough! Having to shove your way through the hallways with people stopping in the middle of the hallway and walking negative 50 miles an hour is already enough to tick me the fcuk off!!! But then you add the REALLY stupid people and I am seconds away from going to prison!!! I was trying to get through the hall today and some IDIOT freshman started throwing carrots around! What the fcuk is wrong with you? Why the fcuk are you throwing carrots?????? Are you that fcuking stupid? I wanted to throw a hammer at them when one of the carrots hit me in the head. I hate people sometimes......

Okay so are some of the stories! I would tell you more but then we would be here all day! Truth is I run into stupid people every fcuking day! And I am sick and tired of having to deal with them and their crap!!!! I TRY and be a nice person! But to be honest? I'm really fcuking mean!!! I'm sure someone will try and comment "Oh no you're not! You're nice!" and you know what? That's only because the people I talk to on here don't piss me off. I love my friends on here! I adore you all! You're awesome! This site is how I unwind from the BS of the day and you guys are a huge part of why I don't go completely batshiz insane!
I'll be honest! I can be a B* to the people who piss me off. But I'll tell you what. If you're nice to me, if you respect me, the I will do the exact same for you. Because everyone deserves that. But when it comes to people who do stupid shiz? I wanna punch them in the face with a sledge hammer I swear!!!!
I sound so mean, and I am sorry for that but I am really annoyed! It's not helping that I am trying to type this and my fingers can't go fast enough!!! I'm mad I want to get my frustrations out! Move faster finger!!!!!! Damnit!

Anyways!!!! Thank you for wasting your time with me and my annoyed ranting. If you are in fact still reading this then I love you and want to thank you for everything! :) Here, have a cookie! (::)

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