Weak at birth, powerful growing up.

Abi was just a normal eleven year old London school girl. She got good grades and never got into trouble. But there was one family secret that she didn't know...she had a twin sister! They had telepathy. They could read minds and each other's. They could control people's minds. They could control each other's minds. But this would prove to be dangerous....because a group of people have taken interest in the twins once they find out about each other. Will Abi be able to find her twin? too late?

Chapter 1

Abi finds out!

Abi was heading home from school one day when she felt the sharp pain in the back of her mind. It always happened. Everyday she walked out those doors the pain would come back. She rubbed it and it went away. She kept telling her mom about it but her mom would yell at her to go upstairs. After the divorce, when Abi had been only an infant, her mom had never been the same. She was abusive to Abi and always yelled at her. Abi wished she had a sibling to protect her from the hitting and yelling that her mom did. Abi always had to cry herself to sleep. As Abi was daydreaming, she ran into a guy from her classes. All her things dropped to the ground and so did she. The guy gasped and helped her up. "Oh my! Are you ok!?" He asked. 'Y-Yeah...I-I'm fine." Abi replied and sped to the nearest way out. She was walking on the sidewalk when a black car drove by and a hand popped out the open window and dropped a book in front of her. She looked back but the car was gone. She picked up the book and opened it. "What the...?" Abi mummered. She ran home, opened the front door and ran up to her room. "A-Abi? Is that you?" Abi's mother said. Abi gasped. Her mother actually spoke to her. "Y-Yes mom." Abi replied and opened the door to her room and closed it and locked it. She sat on her bed and examined the book. She flipped the pages. No title. No pictures. Just words. She began reading it and gasped. She had a sibling! She quickly took a glimpse at the book again and gasped. A twin! A twin sister! It was the same sentence over and over again.
Abi, you have a twin. Abi you have a twin sister.
It kept on being repeated. There was a knock on her window.

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