WWYFF: A Angel, A Demon, A Fallen Angel Or A Neliphim Part 5

WWYFF: A Angel, A Demon, A Fallen Angel Or A Neliphim Part 5

Chapter 1

More about Angels

by: Hush_Hush
"_, are you sure you want to know. I mean, it is a touchy subject...", you cut Daniel off. "Daniel, I am going to be here forever, living with Angels..."

"We might be able to change that", he suggested, "Maybe a memory potion?"

"Daniel, I want to remember all of this, I want to remember meeting Riley, and Lucas, and James", I paused, "And you", he smiled, "So, if I live here for ever with Angels..."

"Actually, an Angel, a Neliphim, a Demon and a Fallen Angel"

"Ok, then I'll need to know who I'm living with, and a bit about them."

"_, you know you are very stubborn", he said jokingly. "I know, but in a good way right?", you asked. "Yes, of course!"

"So you were telling me about Angels?"

"Yes, well I'll start with Neilphim. Neliphim are half Angels half humans, their powers are fairly strong but very unpredictable, they are usually kind and fun loving. You see Lucas is like most Neliphim, kind, fun loving, funny, you know stuff like that.", he paused, "So Angels are like guardians, their job is to protect people and save lives, etcetera. Then there are Demons, like James. You see on the date of their crossing, a Demon could just have been angry or frustrated that day, so their anger and bad thoughts made them seem evil, so they were chosen to be a Demon. But you see the line between being a Angel and a Demon, is a bit blurry, you see some Demons act nice, and some Angels act mean", he pause again for a few more seconds, "Then there are Fallen Angels, we are like Angels, but we aren't as stuck up", he smiled, "And, we do not have the responsibility of saving lives."

"How do you become a Fallen Angel?", you blurted out, but he smiled. "Well, we were cast out of Heaven. We might have been blamed, committed a crime, or something like that. Then the ruler of Heaven cast us out, he's called The Creator. He sent us on a horrible Fall, you fall for around ten days, you are able to do nothing, and all you can see is blackness. And when you land your wings burn to come out, and usually Fallen Angels die because they accidentally let the secret out."

"How come they die just because they let out the secret?"

"Well, Angels are always flying around Earth, and if they see a Fallen Angels spilling the secret they kill them, just like that."

"Wait, why can't I see the Angels flying around Earth?"

"Because they are hidden up in the clouds, but here is Riley's world..."

"Wait! This isn't Earth?"

"No, Riley created another dimension for us to live in peace away from humans."

"But, I'm human"

"_, you're different, you know about us, we don't have to hide."

"But you don't have your wings out, that means your hiding from me"

"_, I would never hide from you, it's just that, we thought you might be shocked. And you were."

"I know but now I know about you!"

"_, you might faint, it can't be good for you to faint all the time."

"Please?", you asked hoping he would say yes. "_...."

"Daniel, why not?"

"Errr....I don't want you fainting, I like talking to you", he lent in closer and put his hand on yours, hoping that would be enough. But you just frowned, it felt like everyone was hiding around you.

But the a huge woosh of air startled you. "Would you like to see the forest?", Daniel asked. You looked at him, he had unfurled his beautiful white wings, "Your...you look beautiful", you blushed after saying that. "Thanks you", he said leaning in again, "Would you like to see the forest?"

"Sure", you said walked to the window, and looking out, "It's really amaz...", you were cut off by Daniel picking you up from behind and lifting you in to the air, "Amazing", you finished. He flew out of the large window and over the forest.

The green rush beneath you, and his white wings glowed, "Want to sit down?", he asked. "Um...sure?", and he lifted you so you were no longer dangling from his arms, but you were now seated in them.

"Daniel, all my life I have dreamed of flying, and now I am flying with an Angel", you paused, "My guardian Angel"

"Well, I am not sure if I am that, but, I could be if you want."

"I will always want that."

"Are you sure?"

"Always", you said looking into his sky blue eyes. He lent in and stopped to see if you were ok with it, but then you lent in and you lips met, and you kiss, "_", Daniel said breaking away from the kiss, "Are you sure the other's are ok with this?"

"Daniel, this is me and you, don't worry about them", you said leaning in again, and then he kissed you. And that is how you spent the rest of you day, sitting in Daniel's angelic arms, in the sky, then finally drifting off to sleep in them.


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