I Challenge Thee, Members of Quibblo on my Friends List!

Chapter 1

Challenge of Ye!

Okay, I want to see how many confident writers are on this site. I'm going to give a list of challenges. If you think you can do them, try and see. I'll judge them, and if I deem them good enough I'll put a link to them on this story and a review. The challenges will either be a way you write the story, or I'll give you a picture to base the story off of, maybe give you a phrase, or something like that. You can choose from the list posted below. If you can do them all, I will give a review of your writing skills and recommend you to all my friends if they don't have you as a friend.

Write a one chapter story, but have every single word in it spelled backwards. (but, it has to make sense if the words were spelled right)

Write a songfic (a story based around a song) with your least favorite song and least favorite character from any show.

Write a story (of any length) based on a picture given by me.

Write a story about a day in your life, as the opposite gender.

Write a story about your worst enemy (or someone you hate) falling in love with you.

Write a story in which someone close to you is reduced to an infant and you have to deal with it.

Write a story with this phrase somewhere in it, "You pervert, give me my bra back!"

Write a poem about your feet, comparing them to your favorite food.

Write a acronym with you name, and writing a paragraph for why each word for each letter is true about you.

Write a reader insert story (a story that the pairing is a character and the reader) with your least favorite animated character and make them sound appealing.

Write a story of yourself, in a different time period where you are public enemy number one.

Write a story about a pen and a pencil in a forbidden love.

Write in a script format, made up bloopers of one of your stories.

Write a story about an apple and after every word put a plus sign.

Write how much you love least favorite book

Write depressing story about rainbows.

Write a happy story about rain.

Write a story from the point of view of an old park bench.

Quick! Write a story about murderous stuffed animals!

Those are the challenges. If you can do one, you get a review and a chapter in this story. If you can do them all, I'll let everyone in my friends list know about you!

There is no due date, you just have to write it and put a link in the comments so I can find it.

(Note: If you attempt to do all of them, yes, you can do it in the same story but you have to give the chapter number when you put a link for me to get to the story.)

Idea for this came from: http://www.quibblo.com/user/Alexis117


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