abou† us

Chapter 1


Hey babe, I'm Harry. Yes, as in Harry Styles. Some fun facts about me that you may not know? Well here it goes...
† I'm actually 1/2 jewish
† I'm not a womanizer... Never said I wasn't a flirt though ;)
† I'm single at the moment and currently looking...
† I'm bisexual and proud of that. Wanna hate me for it kindly check yourself out
† I come off kind of harsh but get to know me and I'm... Okay I'll say it -- 'kitten-ish'
† I'm in a band, we're pretty cool
† Jade and I live right next door to one another (she's here all the time. She just like let's herself in)
† We're best friends -- NOT DATING. Jade is disgusting like ew who would date that?
† (but if you do date her and break her heart I will kill you)
† That's about it... Bye loves Xx

☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮

hello! i'm jade thirlwall (ू•ᴗ•ू❁) i'll do this like harreh did so here goes nothing...
❁ i loooooove disney movies! call me a princess and i'll love you
❁ i love gummy bears too hehe
❁ i'm in an all girl group called little mix we're pretty epIC
❁ harry may seem like a total flirty jerk when you first meet him but just last night we were curled up on the couch sobbing bc love actually was on
❁ (currently being murdered bc i told that story)
❁ i'm always open for a chat! which basically means most the time i'm bored...
❁ my grammar SUCKS so harry is usually correcting me :p
❁ currently singleeee! kinda crushing on zayn malik but who isn't?
❁ (currently being murdered again because perrie)
❁ haha okaybyeiloveyouxxxx


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