I have chosen the authors and order for my superhero, supervillain, story

In another day and age, where aliens and supernatural beings are common place, evil has risen. The Earth has reached a darkage, ruled by an overwhelming higher power. Many of the populous is terrified of the outside as murderers casually roam the streets. Only a small handful have the courage to take a stand.
Will you be one of them?

Chapter 2


Now I just need everyones arch nemesis unless you wish for none. I have the chosen authors and the order. You don't need an enemy yet and can decide on that later.


Alliance: Hero
Name: Julia Ray
Hero/Villain name: Apparition
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance without suit: White hair, very pale blue eyes, 5' 2", pale skin
Costume details: Long white dress with glitter near the waist. No shoes. The sleeves are long and a white bandana covers the lower portion of her face.
Personality: Very quiet and sneaky. She is serious and a has a good eye for seeing how a person is feeling. She usually remains calm regardless of what is going on around her and has a good sense of direction.
Powers or abilities: Invisibility, Intangibility (pass through solid objects), Flight, and Telekinesis (moving things with one's mind)
Species: Alien (From Uphoria, where the 'ghosts' live)
Weakness: A special metal from Uphoria that can render her powers usless
Arch Nemesis('s): Hunter and Phantom
Other: Uphoria is her home planet. The species is called Ghosts because the beings here resemble ghosts in every way. The inhabitants call themselves Uphorians. They mostly float in the air because there is very little land. The ground is solid but the surface is soft so it is not often that the Uphorians wear shoes. It is in there nature to be quiet but they are usually quite shy and frightened easily.


Alliance: villain
Name: Raven Lynch
Hero/Villain name: Shadow
Age(18-35): 18
Appearance without suit: long, black hair; sea green eyes; pale skin; short (5'2")
Costume details: black, leather unitard with black, leather heeled boots and a black mask that only covers her eyes
Personality: reserved, sneaky, quiet, intelligent, flirtatious (what female villain isn't), energetic
Powers or abilities: shape shifter
Species: supernatural being
Weakness: fools gold
Other: She grew up in a family of villains. Secretly, she has always wanted to be a hero; but she doesn't want to disappoint her older brother, who is now her guardian and mentor.


Alliance: Hero
Name: Vivian Serena Dupe
Hero/Villain name: Raine
Age(18-35): 19
Appearance without suit: Black shoulder-length hair in ringlets, blue-eyes, in long-sleeves, skinny jeans/jeggings, boots and other accessories. Loves jackets and coats, but refuses to zip them up.
Costume details: Blue skin-suit, with white trims. High-heeled blue boots, and sunglasses. White headband and earrings.
Personality: She is spunky, insubordinate, and good with technology. She hates authority and tries everything to ignore and irritate people with authority. She is extremely pridefully and hates being beat. But she is a extremely happy person to be around, and loves to play tricks on people. However, she can be secretive and hard to know when you first meet her.
Powers or abilities: Elemental Control
Species: Half-Human and half-Thuripian
Weakness: Her pride and Radioactive metal
Other: Her father is human, but her mother is thuripian. Thuripians are a secretive people which not much are know about. They are from the planet Frisia, and from her mothers line, an ancient power called Eliur Moian or in English, Elemental Manipulation resides. However, this power is quite rare. She has inherited this power from her 10th great-grandfather. She can control any element, except extremely radioactive material. If she does, she would control for a minute or two, then die from radiation poisoning.

Thuripians live on the planet Frisia, a cold icy place, with occasional methane storms. Thuripians combat these conditions through there tough leathery, almost lizard like skin. Their body temperatures are extremely high, ranging from 200-202 degrees Fahrenheit. The believe that other forms of life are impure, and do not associate with other breeds. Those who do are cast out from civilization. They live in houses up on the hills and live on plants grown in the area.


Alliance: Villain
Name: Alexandros Karpusi
Hero/Villain name: Sorcerer
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance without suit: Messy brown hair, bright green eyes, tanned skin, tall, 'Greek nose'. Usually wearing a long coat and green slacks.
Costume details: It's simple enough, the a light brown long coat, a white mask, brown hat (Sometimes). He tends to keep things simple.
Personality: Laid back, calm, has vulgar language, extremely smart.
Alexandros loves history and philosophy and tends to confuse his enemies with his long explanations. He is rather quiet, most of the time. Although when angered he is extremely dangerous. The thing is, he doesn't get angered often.
Powers or abilities: He can control things with his mind and read others mind exactly. He can speak every language due to a special spell he used. He can control magic excellently.
Species: Half human, half unknown
Weakness: Vinegar, salt, surprisingly enough.
If vinegar or salt were to touch his skin it'd burn him, so he tries to cover up his skin most of the time.
Other: He has a brother whom he doesn't get along with very well. His brother is on the 'bad side', which is Villainy. He speaks fluent Greek and has a thick Greek accent.


Alliance: Hero
Name: Laureina Smith
Hero/Villain name: Red
Age(18-35): 22
Appearance without suit: Dark hair, fair skin, green eyes, 5'7"
Costume details: Black tank, red/black plaid mini, boots, black/red hooded cape
Personality: stubborn, smart, funny, athletic, fun, spontaneous, shy, easily pissed off
Powers or abilities: telekenesis, pyrokenesis(Fire), languanesis(speaking any language)
Species: Supernatural
Weakness: human


Alliance: Villain >:D
Name: Harmony Flame
Hero/villain name: Chaotica (The Irony burns, see what I did there?)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Goes a little past her shoulders obsidian black hair with dark orange highlight which shows in the sunlight, light orange eyes, light tan skin leaning towards the pale side, average height, underweight, usually wear a black leather hoodie which hides her identity, and her outfit usually has dark orange, or red, with black as the main color.
Suit: Wears a black leather suit which is a tank top with shorts that are a couple inches above her knees, wearing long leather boots with heels which oddly helps her kick butt, wears a crown like Wonder Woman but it has three large topazes on it, and she wears golden bands on her wrists with two large topazes on it.
Personality: Very smart, sly, sneaky, pretty boss, tough, cold hearted, when she isn't Chaotica she's the quiet anti-social girl.
Powers or abilities: Can bend fire, sharp reflexes, kicks butt, causes tons of chaos, can turn invisible, and telekinesis.
Species: Half human (Her looks) and half flame guardian (They're from the planet Sunora) which is the Sun with these flame people can live on and they keep the sun burning.
Weakness: Water and a substance called Thyos which can make her powerless but can only be found in a very distant planet.
Arch Nemesis: Apparition who's sort of like her polar opposite and Raine
Other: She was planning to be good but several heroes falsely accused her parents to be villains and killed them so she made revenge against them, she works alone even though she has had many offers because she's that cool, she wears an locket which are of her parents from a few years before they died, she's never been captured by a hero, probably the biggest threat to all humanity because she wants to wipe out all heroes for what they did, and she lives in an apartment which is bigger than it seems. Also, her mom is a supernatural beings where she was able to freeze people which I might add in my first chapter.


Alliance: Hero
Name: Matthew Miles Summers
Hero Name: The Healer
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Light brown hair, dark grey eyes that appear to be blue in certain lighting, average height and weight. Button nose with hardly visible freckles going across. Only slightly tanned skin.
Costume Details: Grey top and pants along with grey boots. Wears a pure white cloak also.
Personality: Friendly, kind, loyal, determined, brave, confident, stubborn, average smarts, sarcastic at times.
Powers or Abilities: Can heal any living thing, bring back someone's soul but not their body from the dead, can generate force fields and has the power of invisibility.
Species: Half Human Half Supernatural
Weakness: Night. Yes, night is when he cannot use his powers.
Arch Nemesis: Basically any villain cause he's one of those guys who just want the bad guys gone. But who comes closest is Aleksandros.
Other: Is an orphan but was adopted by a female alien living on a plant named Reptenn.

Here is another character that anyone can play as, just ask and I'll give him to you as a spot. Otherwise I'll write for him. I just needed another villain is all.

Alliance: Villain
Name: Wyon Lint
Hero/Villain name: Hunter
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Appearance without suit: Dark Brown hair, slightly purple stained skin, yellow eyes, long and narrow face, 7' 3", narrow shoulders.
Costume details: Unitard from neck to ankles, it is black and dark green. Also, black boots.
Personality: Ignorant, bad listener, no-it-all, superior attitude, extremely rude, beyond evil, sadistic, bad temper, simple minded.
Powers or abilities: X-ray vision, Shapeshift(animals), complete accuracy with a bow and arrow, Strength 50x that of a normal human.
Species: Half-Tanko and Half-Piko (both aliens)
Weakness: A flower located in the deserts of Piko known as the 'Hell Fire'.
Arch Nemesis: Any human or half-human as well as anyone who will stand in his way of Earths destruction.
Other: His deepest desire is to annihilate every human or human related being. Though he is classified as a villain, he considers himself as righteous.

Tanko is a far planet made stone. The beings all have deep purple skin, but look human in every other aspect. They can usually get along with other species and usually poses the ability to transform into other objects or living beings.

Piko is a dry and hot planet where very little water is available. Few plants grow here and the only poison is the 'Hell Fire Flower' which can make anyone burn from the inside out. The beings here are extremely tall and flexible. The are very thin with long faces and yellow eyes. They usually are born with incredible strength and are able to see through solid objects.

Also, feel free to make up other villains. They will just be minor. I just need you to say a little about them, there power, backstory, appearance, main enemy, who they partner with, and how they act.

Thanks to everyone who signed up!

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