I have chosen the authors and order for my superhero, supervillain, story

In another day and age, where aliens and supernatural beings are common place, evil has risen. The Earth has reached a darkage, ruled by an overwhelming higher power. Many of the populous is terrified of the outside as murderers casually roam the streets. Only a small handful have the courage to take a stand.
Will you be one of them?

Chapter 1

Heros and Villains

The above paragraph is the basic idea. You can choose to either be a hero or a villain. Aliens regularly visit Earth and even live here. If you want to be an alien, I want you to describe both the species and the planet.

Supernatural beings just refers to someone who was gifted with special powers or abilities. For them, you need to tell me how they got these abilities and if anything effects how they work.

It is perfectly alright if you are just a regular human with gadgets. You can even be a cyborg. Just tell me what the weapons and utilities they have do.

I want at least one weakness per character and no more than four powers for the aliens or supernaturals.
I will not allow anyone to have the power to change time. a.k.a. freeze it, reverse it, or travel in it.

Here is the registration:

Hero/Villain name:
Appearance without suit:
Costume details:
Powers or abilities:

My Character:

Alliance: Hero
Name: Julia Ray
Hero/Villain name: Apparition
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance without suit: White hair, very pale blue eyes, 5' 2", pale skin
Costume details: Long white dress with glitter near the waist. No shoes. The sleeves are long and a white bandana covers the lower portion of her face.
Personality: Very quiet and sneaky. She is serious and a has a good eye for seeing how a person is feeling. She usually remains calm regardless of what is going on around her and has a good sense of direction.
Powers or abilities: Invisibility, Intangibility (pass through solid objects), Flight, and Telekinesis (moving things with one's mind)
Species: Alien (From Uphoria, where the 'ghosts' live)
Weakness: A special metal from Uphoria that can render her powers usless
Arch Nemesis('s): Hunter and Phantom
Other: Uphoria is her home planet. The species is called Ghosts because the beings here resemble ghosts in every way. The inhabitants call themselves Uphorians. They mostly float in the air because there is very little land. The ground is solid but the surface is soft so it is not often that the Uphorians wear shoes. It is in there nature to be quiet but they are usually quite shy and frightened easily.

Have fun with this! I want to have 4 villains and 4 heros. Since I am one hero, only 3 spots are left. Feel free to match yourself with the existing characters when deciding your arch nemesis. You can make one or two up but you will not be playing them.

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