Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Movie Review/Rant (SPOILER ALERT)

Hello there! Just read if you have watched the movie. Or not, whatever. I warned ya about spoilers!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I watched the Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters a couple days ago. I thought it was hilarious, but the movie was completely messed up. (If I missed some parts that were big, keep in mind that I read the books almost four years ago. Sorry, I'm probably gonna make another chapter when I reread the book again.)

Okay, so they missed the beginning part with Tyson and Percy at their school. (Not gonna mention any more details because I don't want to spoil anything for those people who haven't watched it and are reading this). I got SO annoyed, because Tyson and Percy were like best friends at that school they went to! Ugh! That was a HUGE part! They freaking skipped that part and went STRAIGHT to the camp. -.-

They made Tyson too smart compared to the book. What the heck? Although I did like Tyson in the movie.

So Annabeth also just sorta annoyed me (this is just my biased opinion xD). They made Annabeth too mature in the movies. Like, to me, she would just ruin a hilarious moment in the movie. -.- I like Annabeth in the books, not the movie. Oh, and they made her blonde in the SECOND movie, and not the first. Why couldn't they have done that in the first place? Ugh!

They also made a bunch of changes in the quest. Not gonna mention all of them, because I might've forgotten some details.... Meh. (I just had to make this rant though...)

The part that bugged me the most was that they missed the part with Percy getting turned into a hamster! I wanted to see a little Percy hamster, but no. -.-

I hated it when Percy was "doubting" himself. I was sitting there in the movies like "NOOOOO!! PERCY DON'T YOU DARE! YOU'RE AWESOME!"

Where was Blackjack? I thought he came in the second book. (Please correct me if I'm wrong. This is embarrassing xD)

Have you people that have watched the movie also thought that Luke had the best lines? XD.

*Percy and the others come to Luke*
Luke: "Hold on, let me turn off my classical music..."

*dramatic moment with Percy and the others attacking Luke's boat on his roof*
Luke: "What are you doing? Get off my roof!"
Percy: *he's just like "Screw you!"*

I don't know, but I thought those parts were hilarious.... And Mr. D was hilarious.

Mr. D: "Percy, I have an important mission for you..." *hands Percy a rake to clean the camp* XD XD XD

Even though they messed up most of the parts, they DID get one part right: The part with Thalia, Luke, Annabeth, and Grover running from the Cyclops, and Thalia gets killed and turned into a tree.

Sorry if I completely failed at explaining some parts.... It's been a LONG time since I read the book, but I will update this in a few months if I reread the book! :D


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