In this poem I am telling about life!

Chapter 1

Life ( A Poem By Me)

Life is very complicated ,
And we have to face it.
Life is a challenge,
And we have to complete it.
Life is Inspiration,
And we have to inspire.
There is no field where there is......
No inspiring person.
So, Hear what's your life is.

Life is a mountain,
Be Tensing Norway and climb it.
Life is a song,
Be Lady Gaga and sing.
Life is a football match,
Be Pele and win it.
Life is a stage,
Be Tony Stark and play the role.
Life is a long road,
Be Mahatma Gandhi(Father of India) and reach the goal.
Life is an empty book,
Be Shakespear and write it.
Life is comedy,
Be Charlie Chaplin and fill it.
Life is finally sacrifice,
So sacrifice your life!

And if you consider
Your life as following.
Then you will be best!
And if you inspire from someone,
You will be inspiring for many others.
And if you try to be Great,
No one can stop you to be Great!!!!!

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