Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

Alina and Vera are two young 19 year old girls living in Russia.
Homosexuality is very very looked down upon in Russian culture, and in fact, illegal to practise.
But Alina and Vera can't deny their longing for each other anymore.
Do they leave their friends and family behind to flee to America to be free to love one another?
Or do they pretend there is nothing there and live a lie?

Chapter 1

Alina & Vera

"I can't pretend anymore..." Vera whisper to Alina, holding her close, a tear escaping her eye.
"But we will be locked up. We will not be able to love each other no matter what. We cannot stay here." Alina warned Vera.
"We must leave then. Leave Russia." Vera said quietly.
"Leave Russia? Where will we go?" Alina questioned softly.
"America. We can be free to love one another in America." Vera told her, brushing Alina's hair behind her ear.
"We would have to leave everyone behind if we leave to America. I cannot leave my mother and father." Alina sighed.
"It is between them and us." Vera reminded her. "We must choose a relationship with our families, or with each other. We cannot have both."
Alina sighed and let out a tear. "It is too hard. Why can we not be accepted? Why must we keep our love hidden? Isn't love just love?" Alina asked, looking up at her secret lover, Vera.
"Some people do not believe that our love is moral. They believe we are sinners." Vera sighed.
"Are we sinners?"
"I do not believe we are. I cannot help but feel this way. It is not my choice to be in love with you. I was born to love you. It is not a sin if it is not a choice."
Alina nodded. "I just wished we could have our families, and each other. It is not fair."
"Life is not fair, Alina." Vera reminded her. "I wish it was though. I truly do." Vera kissed Alina's forehead and let out a sigh.


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