kidnapped~ a one direction story

kidnapped~ a one direction story

two girls named jenni and ashley get kidnapped by louis tomlinson and zayn malik. what will happen to them? why were they taken? what do they think about it? read the story to find out!

written by me and my friend ( )

Chapter 17


jenni: i don't know. i like floors i guess.
Louis: OK lays on stomach and looks down at jenni and jenni looks at Louis. both French kiss upside down
LOUIS: let's go of Jenni and looks up ELEANOR what are you doing in here? we broke up. what are you talking about?
Eleanor: we did not break up. we had a huge fight and we forgot about each other. and WHO IS SHE!!!!!?
jenni: um hi. tiny wave I'm jenni.
Louis: well Eleanor, in the first place I never wanted to be with you.
Eleanor: but we were happy.
Louis: you were happy, not me so its time we break up for good.
Eleanor: gets angry and stops foot on floor this is because of you. you little brat. isn't it?
jenni: starts crawling away
Eleanor: THIS ISNT THE LAST OF ME!!!! leaves and slams door shut
Louis: Jenni its OK she's gone. are you ok?
jenni: i think so. what about you?
Louis: I'm good, sorry bout that
Jenni: its fine. And she's kinda scary.
Louis: don't worry about her she won't hurt you as long as your with me
(meanwhile back at Eleanor)
Eleanor: I hate that Jenni it's all her fault!! Louis is so stupid to fall for a girl like that he should be back with me evil grin and takes out phone what they don't know is that I have the contact information of every magazine and gossip site in the world with one click of a button lenni will be no more a secret MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
(back with Louis)
Louis: so I wonder how she got in goes downstairs to Ashely and zayn in the living room cuddling on the couch watching a movie Jenni follows guys did you let Eleanor in?
Zayn: no, she kinda, well
Ashely: she knocked we opened she asked where you were we lied and said next door to Niall's but she went up anyways
Louis: well I'm worried. what if she does something that will ruin me and Jenni
Zayn: chillax guys she can't do anything
Ashley: yeah don't worry just enjoy your date tomorrow and you'll be calm look at Jenni she's not one bit worried bout anything happening right jenni
jenni: honestly i don't know if i should be worried or not. she was soo mad.
Louis: see guys what do we do this is kinda a panic/emergency situation here
Zayn: alright alright if this is that serious we will call all the boys over then we can brainstorm ideas on what to do. how's that sound?
Ashley: I like the idea
Louis: thanks guys cause I don't want anything bad happening to Jenni pulls her closer cause I love her to much to care
Jenni: smiles then we all agree
Zayn: great let me call them first niall gets phone out and calls niall hey nialler
Niall: zayn I'm in the middle of eating a midnight snack what do you want
Zayn: OK well Eleanor came in and kinda worried Louis and Jenni so we're inviting the boys over so we can brainstorm ideas can you come over
Niall: will there be food?
Zayn: yeah
Niall: on my way! hangs up
Zayn: niall is coming now I'm gonna call harry and Liam dials Harry hey hazza
Harry: hey DJ what's up
Zayn: is liam there I need to talk to the both of you its a panic/emergency situation
Zayn: what no
Zayn: no just get liam
Harry: OK but he's asleep hold up............................................................................................................. its on speaker we're here
Zayn: good now Eleanor came in and kinda worried Louis and Jenni so I'm inviting you boys over so we can brainstorm ideas can you pleeeessssseeee come
Liam: on our way
Harry: hangs up
Zayn ok guys the boys should be here any-
(door rings)
Ashely: I'll get it goes for door hey guys just sit on the couch
(boys sit on couch)
Louis: starts pacing thanks for coming what do we do Eleanor could ruin us she has the contact list of every media in the world
Jenni: really? Wow. Now I understand why you had said emergency.
Liam: calm down I have an idea let's all be on look out for Eleanor's doings niall you be on social media duty you check twitter instagram and gossip websites about anything about Louis
Niall: right takes phone out and starts looking
Liam: don't get off that phone niall we need twenty four hour watch OK harry you be on the look out for suspicious activity with Eleanor so stay by her house and all the places she likes to go to and watch her every move
Harry: like a spy
Liam: yes a spy now zayn you be on the look out for her friends including my girlfriend Danielle your ex Perrie and all of Eleanor's friends just in case they are helping Eleanor ruin Louis and Jenni
Zayn: so I have to watch them and stop them if they have plans
Liam: exactly now Ashley you guard our places just in case she comes back here
Ashely: oh I'm a tough girl just give me your house keys and I'll be watching it like a hawk
Liam: that's the spirit and now Louis protect Jenni and Jenni protect Louis got it
Louis: got it
Jenni: got it! And you plan really fast.
Liam: well I'm the responsible one of the group so I gotta be the smart one too
Louis: and what are you gonna do
Liam: I'm gonna be back up for all of you I'm gonna help niall check out sites help harry look out for Eleanor help zayn be on a lookout for her friends an help Ashely guard the rooms
Louis: good just checking
Liam: now you two can sleep in peace
Louis: well as long as I have Jenni next to me I will enjoy my sleep
Liam: OK boys our work here is done let's move out!
(boys leave hotel room)

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