❀ about us! xx ❀

Chapter 1

ermergerd i'm perrie edwardz

hello there i'm PERRIE. (not a platypus) i'm from south shields - i have a step sister and brother - me and my three best friends won xfacter together as a group called little mix, every heard of us? ;) xx

i've been with my boyfriend zayn for over a year now and he's in a band as well! you may know them, they're called the wante- i mean one direction! ;)

me and louis share a flat together since i only want to move in with zayn once we're married, and louis well... louis was lonely c:

we're here to have fun, and make friends! also read some juicy fanfiction about eachother aha! no hate please and thank youuuu! i luv youuu! xoxo

❀ ❀ ❀

Louis, the tommo, Tomlinson here. you may know me as the funniest, sexiest, most amazing member of the band One Direction.... and if you thought so, you'd be right! ;D I have four sister, and four best friends who I tour the world with (not including Perrie c;)

I just signed as a member of the Doncaster Rovers which is my second passion--football! your support is amazing, thank you all xx

I'm currently single and also bisexual, so yes I support it! I'm kind of crushing but that'snotimportant.

as Perrie said we didn't come here for hate so please be nice! on our profile it'll say who's online at what time and who's not so just keep that in mind :)
I love you all and I hope to get to know you a lot better! Bye babes, ily xx


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