Permanently Detached

A story for Quibblos contest Switched.

Kylie is a 17 year old girl suffering from the early stages of cancer. She's never had many friends due to her old and a bit crazy grandmother frightening them off. Kylie is tortured at school, but no one seems to remember her the next day. It's been like that ever since she can remember, A family curse one could say. How far will things have to go before Chad to realize his games are over?

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Chad's gray blue eyes roam the hallway for his next victim. They settle on a dainty red haired freshman, he looks past her he already did enough damage to her this week.

"Yo, Chad," His best friend, Tod, nods towards a brunette girl. Chad swears he recognizes her. He shakes the feeling off, he's sure it's just from seeing her around school. He approaches her, his posse following close behind his heels.

Kylie nervously eyes Chad knowing he's up to no good. Her books lay secure in her left arm as her right arm quickly works the combination into the lock. Just as she began to open her dark red locker a broad shoulder slams it shut.

"Sammy, right?" Chad asks smoothly.

"It's Kylie. What do you want Chad?" She meets his intimidating gaze with a scowl on her pale face. He shrugs playfully, a smirk dancing on his face. Breathing in deeply, Kylie, reopens her locker. Grabbing her belongings, a purse and a backpack, she shuts her locker.

"Chad, move," She says angrily. He lets out a low chuckle and moves in her way once more.

"Why?" He laughs. He did this everyday. Kylie was a face people tended to forget, it was okay with her. Nobody needed to know she had a crazy grandmother who believed she was a witch, and nobody needed to know she was sick.

She moves quickly around, Chad, and races to her car. In the safety of her small Volkswagen beetle she drives to her small lake home she shares with her crazy grandmother.

"Oh, Kylie, you're home," Her grandmother greets her from the kitchen.

"Grams, what are you making?" Kylie is revolted by the stench, her hand moves to pinch her nose shut.

"A cure," Her grandmother giggles and lifts the cover from the pot.

"Grams no. I'm not drinking one of you disgusting messes," Kylie frowns as her eyes peer down at the green sauce.

Her grandmother sighs and places the cover back over the pot, but not before an eyeball of some kind rose to the top.

"How was your day then?" Her grandmother pushes the pot off the hot stove and let's it cool.

"Fine," Kylie murmurs.

"Is that boy still bothering you?" She frowns and crosses her wrinkly arms. Kylie nods.

"He does it to everyone mamma, not just me," Kylie explains taking a seat at the rounded table.

"Oh! You should invite him over to dinner sometime." Kylie's head shakes violently.

"Oh, just do it, Kylie." Her grandmother grabs Kylie's cell phone and shoves it towards her hands. Kylie scoffs at her and pushes it away.

"You think I have his number?" Her grandma nods in reply and sits across from her. Kylie searches through her phone to prove her wrong.

She passes Ashley, Austin, Bradley, Brent, Cassie and a Chad. Chad? Her eyes zoom back to the name. Chad Berklin.

"So, are you going to call him?" Her grandma's eyes are wide and hopeful as they peer over her granddaughters shoulder. Taking a deep breath, Kylie, presses the call button.

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