The Day My Life Changed

The Day My Life Changed

Tommy's life sucks. He's the youngest in his family, he gets tormented in school, and of course, his twin-sister is treated better by his parents! Why?

Well, one day, it will all change.

He and his friend, Joey are ordered by the meanest bully to visit the empty, abandoned house at the end of the road, where a gypsy supposedly died in that house. To his luck, he discovers something that will totally change his and his sister's life...
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Chapter 1

A Normal Day in Tommy Wendell's Life

"Joey?" I wandered aimlessly in a hallway with fancy, but peeled wallpaper. Where was I, and where was Joey? Then, I made a left, running into a door, falling onto my butt. "Ow..." I whimpered as I rubbed my head, and my poor butt. I looked up, and first noticed that this door was special —blue cracks were laced around the door, making twists and turns in front of me. They all glowed a vibrant, but eerie glow, and I suddenly had an urge to touch them, trace them with my stubby fingers. I reached in, about to touch them, until I heard an ear-deafening scream...

"Ahh!" I shot up from my bed. Sweat was dripping down my chubby face, and my moist hands were balled into fists. I looked at my surroundings; I was still in his room, and it was all a dream. "I need to get back to sleep," I thought. Just as my head was about to hit my wonderful pillow, the stupid and annoying alarm clock went off.

Beep-beep! Beep-beep! Beep-be-

I smashed the button to make it stop. "Stupid clock, I need sleep..." I groggily muttered. "TOMMY!" Great, my stupid sister has entered the scene. "Why did you scream? I still had a couple minutes of beauty sleep!" scolded Mia in a hushed tone. "Besides, why do you need beauty sleep? You're already as ugly as you were before sleep!" I muttered, My sister gave me the death stare, and stomped away. Peace and tranquility had returned to my room. I rolled off the bed, and onto the floor. I know right? What an awesome self-wake-up call. I got on my knees, and slowly walked to the bathroom, and got myself ready for school. Yay, school.

I walked down the stairs and to the kitchen, following that yummy aroma of chocolate strawberry pancakes, my family's specialty. I took a seat, was ready for my mum to finish making the pancakes.

"Good morning mom," I said. "Mornin'," my mom said, without looking at me, as usual. Look at her! She's so busy at cooking the pancakes. I looked around the room, still no sign of Dad. He wasn't here yesterday, nor today. Where was he? "Mum? Where's Dad?," I asked. " He wasn't here today of even a couple days ago." "Um, he's away because of work..."my mom whispered. That was impossible! He can't be away because of work! He works in a lab, and he doesn't have to go anywhere! Then, my sister entered the room, and as usual, there was a huge difference in my mom.

"Hey mom!" my sister greeted with a huge smile pasted on her mouth. I stared at her. What was she so happy about? Looking at her smile wanted to make me barf.

Mia caught me staring. "What are YOU looking at?" she mouthed. Her smile had turned into a scowl, but changed before my mom turned. "Hello! Mia! Did you have a good sleep?" my mom asked, turning around to look at her. Wow, she can look at her, and not me? "Yup," she nodded in return.

When my mom was finished with the pancakes, she gave them to us; Mia first, then me last. She never gave them to me first! Just because Mia is the oldest and the smartest doesn't mean she gets to have a better treatment than me! Well, at least I still have pancakes...

I gulped them down, tasting the warm, goodness of the chocolate, and the sweetness of the strawberries. In a couple bites, I had finished off my platter of pancakes, while Mia was elegantly chewing them by tiny pieces. "Well, mom, I'm just going to head to school," I told her. There's a huge chance she won't listen. "Uh, yeah! Just hurry and go. You don't want to be late for school!" she nervously replied. I wouldn't be late for school; It's not even close! Besides, Mia would be the one who's late, she's still eating! This was definitely weird. I turned my head to see if Mia was acting strange like mom, and I was correct. Mia was staring at mom, with a worried look on her face. Yup, something happened. I guess I'll ask Mia later.


Everyday, I walked to school with my bud, Joey, but this time, I walked to school, alone. Where was he? Beep-beep. I took out my beeping phone; a new text message had popped-up:

JOEY: srry, mom and dad fighting. might not walk with u to school.

TOM: no biggie.

Joey's parents were always fighting, non-stop. He already knew that one day, they would move on with their lives, and file a divorce. Joey said it was not a big deal, because as long as he could stay here with his best friend (me), he could deal with anything.

A couple minutes later, I arrived at school, the most dangerous place on Earth, but the world's funnest place for Gerald "Gerry" Faust. He is the biggest. meanest bully in Westwood High!

As I was close to the front doors, I saw Gerry and his gang loitering by the flag pole. Great, and he saw me too. "Just avoid him, and look ahead," I told myself. "Hey Peeping Tom!" he called. "Or should I say, Peeing Tom!" Then, he and his crowd of loyal followers guffawed after that "hilarious" joke. How was that funny? That made no sense at all! I pretended I didn't hear that, and kept walking.

Gerry followed behind. "Hey Tom? Do you know what I want to do this morning?" he asked. I did not respond. Of course he continued. " I feel like punching the guts outta ya!" I sped up a little, hoping to pass the front doors, where the principal's office was located. "Hey punk! What the heck are you doing?! Come here ya little punk," he hollered. Gerry started sprinting towards me, and I started running, too. "Gotcha!" Gerry grabbed my leg, and I tripped, face flat on the ground. He laughed with venom. I tried to get up, but he pinned me to the ground. "Do you want a piece of me? Huh? I know you want it!" Gerry nefariously punched my back with full force. Then, he did the same to my shoulder. He got up, and pushed me over. Seriously, why did he hate me so much?

As he was about to kick my stomach, the principal came over, and pulled Gerry back. "What are you doing young man!" the principal scolded. "You could have killed this innocent child! I will inform your parents..." Gerry looked so glum, and I liked it! I wish the principal could catch him every time he was annoying me.

I looked to the side, and saw Joey, nodding with a smile. "Tommy, you got to repay me for saving your butt back there, okay? So, you have to repay me by buying me some soda!" Joey grinned. "Okay. Can you help me get up? My leg and shoulder really hurts!" I told him. "Ok! but you also have to repay me by...getting me a bar of chocolate!" That sly Joey, can't he just spare me once because I'm in pain right now?

"Yeah yeah, whatever, and then you tell me to repay you next time by lending you my notes..." I muttered. "Dude!" Joey gasped. "You just read my mind!"

Welcome to my wonderful life.

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