Someone... Or Something (True Stories)

Chapter 1

The phone...

Delilah and I are talking on the phone, about the usual... BOYS!!

So Delilah's talking, and I hear someone picking up and hanging up on a different phone multiple times.

So we go on talking for a few minutes, when it happens again. My voice sounds echoey, and I know someone is listening in on our conversation.

I look for the other phone, to see if someone is listening in on us, spying, and I find it... No one is holding it, it's just sitting there, on a table, turned on!

I turn it off, and set it somewhere else. Delilah and I continue talking.

It happens again!!! There the phone is, sitting in the same spot where I left it, except for this time it's turned on, not off!

And I know no one turned it on, because I was there watching it the whole time, it did it on it's own...


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