Just what I needed!!!!

Chapter 1

Lol!!! xD

So, I was at my laptop, listening to the song Last Kiss, thinking of him, Seafer... I was tearing up, and getting all emotional and stuff... I was just sad, I miss him so much. Then, right as it gets to the saddest part of the song, where I literally start sobbing, an ad pops up, and blasts in my ears! "Are you fat? Do you need to lose weight?" I just start laughing my head off!!! Oh my goodness people, my stomach is so sore from laughing!! I really needed that, if it hadn't came up, I would be dying of sadness instead of dying of laughter, which i literally am!! I CANNOT BREATHE!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Quibblo for that ad. :)


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