Some of my favorite songs!

ok. so since i have nothing better to do.....heres are some of my favorite songs and my life soundtrack!

Chapter 1

First up: some of my fav songs! (not all of them)

1- haunted by taylor swift
2- feel this moment by christina aguilera ft. pitbull
3- taylor swift- 22
4- listen to your heart by cascada
5- i need your love by ellie goulding
6- taylor swift- safe and sound
7- My Immortal by Evansence
8- Bring me to Life by Evansence
9- no light, no light by Florence and the machines
10- Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machines.
11- Dear John by Taylor Swift
12- Last Christmas by Cascada
13- Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright
14- Fearless by Taylor Swift
15- Shake it Out by Florence and the Machines
16- Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machines
17- Breath of Life by Florence and the Machines
18- If I Die Young by the Band Perry
19- Taylor Swift- Love Story
20- Speak Now by Taylor Swift
21- Eyes open by Taylor Swift
There are more but I either cant remember them or I will be here all day typing all my favorite songs!

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