The Unthinkable

Mimi Alves and Nathan Vanwinkle are two of the youngest Thinkers in the Agency. They landed a job to help keep the world under control, and they're managing pretty well. But suddenly the protection the Thinkers count on wears off, and everything goes into a downward spiral. And it's up to Mimi and Nathan to salvage the Agency before it's too late.

Just something new I'm trying! It's also for writing contest 24, so if you could rate and comment it'd be greatly appreciated! :)

Chapter 1

Chapter One

I yawn and sit back in my chair. Stretching my arms above my head, I look around my office. It's pretty basic. There's a nice computer on a sleek black desk and a few filing cabinets that stand against the wall behind me. Scattered around are a few pictures of myself with my friends, some quotes, and my personal favorite, the picture of a three-year-old me with my mom.

My mom died when I was twelve. Some sort of Thinker turned rogue and because my mom was the Agency's best field player, she was sent to bring him in. Well, the rogue went a little overboard with his imagination and the end result was an innocent twelve year old being left alone in this world.

"Knock knock! Mimi? Mr. Kunkle wants to see you in his office right away." One of the interns says. I nod and make my way over to Mr. Kunkle's office. Mr. Kunkle would be the big guns of the Agency. Everyone seems to be afraid of him at first, but he's just strict. If you do what he wants when he wants, you're set.

He waves me into his office and holds up a finger to tell me to wait a second.

"I told you that we needed to bring immediate action! This threat was the biggest we've had in a while, and we just let it slip past our defenses! We need to act now, or we'll never get back on track." He listens to the other line for a second before saying, "No, you're right. Okay. Right, thanks. Goodbye."

"You summoned me?" I ask, crossing my legs and clasping my hands together. Mr. Kunkle smiles at me and nods, pressing a button on his phone.

"Yes, I did. Ah, Miss Marquez? Please send in Nathan Vanwinkle right away. Thank you." He says, then looks at me. "Nathan is a new worker. He's your age, and I thought it would be nicer for him if someone as young as he were to show him around and such."

Nathan walks in and sits down beside me. After shaking Mr. Kunkle's hand, he turns to me and brings my hand to his mouth and presses a kiss to it. I resist the urge to roll my eyes and smile brightly at him instead.

"Welcome, Mr. Vanwinkle. This is Miss Mimi Alves. She works in the same department and is the youngest agent we have. You'll be shadowing her for the next few days before we get you all set up. Thank you, you may go."

Nathan follows me back to my office. He takes one of the seats in front of my desk while I sink back down onto my swivel chair. At first I was planning on ignoring him and getting the rest of my project done, but after a few minutes he clears his throat.

"So are you actually going to acknowledge my presence and teach me the ways, or not?" He asks haughtily. I sigh and glare at him.

"Look, I have to get this thing done before I leave today. I have no intentions of working late tonight, because I worked late all week and this is my Friday night. So can you please sit there patiently for about five more minutes? That's all I'm asking for."

"Alright, fine. You could've said that in the first place. And can't you just imagine it finished? That's always an offer for us, right?" Nathan replies. I roll my eyes.

"No, it is not an option. I believe in fully doing my job. And you are not helping right now." I retort and focus my attention towards the project. Nathan busies himself by fooling around with some of the trinkets I have around my office.

About five minutes later, Nathan taps me on the shoulder. I look up at him and he taps his watch, eyebrow raised. I let out a small laugh and close the project down. Then I turn my full attention to Nathan.

"Well, what do you need to know?"

"Tell me everything." Nathan says with over the top enthusiasm. I laugh and he grins at me.

"Alright. Well, the Agency's main goal is to keep the world under control. Sure, there is still crime and such, but we have to let some things get to the normals in order for everything to seem normal." I start. Nathan nods and gestures for me to continue.

"We have a few different types of jobs here. The people who mainly work in the office focus on the aftermath: cleaning up the edges and making sure confidentiality was never broken. Then there's the field agents. They go out and stop the initial threat. That's what we do. And of course we have the "receptionists". Their job is to find the threats and bring them to the attention of Mr. Kunkle and the rest of his team. They choose which ones we stop and which ones we have to leave for the normals." Nathan nods again.

"Well, that's really about it. I assume you've gone through training?" I ask, trying to find out more about him. He smiles.

"Yeah I went to the academy and graduated early. That's how I got this job so young. Say, when did you start working here? There's rumors at the academy, but I'd like to hear for myself." Nathan raises and eyebrow.

"When my mom died during a mission here, I was left alone. I had no relatives who could take me in. So I went to the academy. I was twelve. As it turns out, I had remarkable talent. I graduated by my sixteenth birthday. So then I applied for a job here, and they took me in. Been here ever since." I answer. Nathan looks impress and I have to suppress my sudden urge to smirk.

"What happened to your dad?" He asks quietly.

"I never knew him. He left my mom when I was an infant." I state. I see Nathan look guilty, and I assume he feels bad about asking. "Don't worry, it doesn't bother me to talk about it. It just reminds me that I can't be broken. Now! Let's go tour the building."

We get up and make our way around the offices. I take him to the lab last, because it's the most exciting part. He looks at me quizzically when we step inside.

"This is the lab. It also serves as training rooms. Scientists monitor how well the imaginings go. And they test the durability of the Protection." I explain.

"The Protection? Okay, two things. One, you guys need to come up with better names. And two, what the hell is the Protection?" Nathan says, making me laugh.

"The Protection is something that has been around since the beginning of the Thinkers. It ensures that anything we do doesn't look suspicious to the normals, as well as enabling anything we imagine to be un-imagined." I say. "Each worker in the Agency receives a necklace when they start work here. The necklace holds a bit of the Protection inside it, just enough to give one person the full protection." A look of understanding crosses his face, followed by a mischievous grin. I groan internally.

"So can I practice?" Nathan asks. I agree, and he starts imagining ridiculous things. I stop paying attention until I notice that I'm standing where Nathan used to be. But my body is still standing where I was. I look down and see that I'm actually in Nathan's body.

"NATHAN! Switch us back, now!" I yell, surprised when my voice is deeper than normal. I quickly realize it's because I'm not in my own body. Nathan closes his eyes and I see his- my- necklace glow before dying out. Nothing happened. "This is not funny, Nathan. Switch us back right now."

"I tried! It didn't work," My voice protests. I glare at my body.

"Fine, Nathan. I'll do it myself." I say. I proceed to imagine us back in our own bodies. My necklace grows hot, then immediately cools to its normal temperature. I open my eyes and find us in the same situation.

"So, what now?" Nathan asks. I start for the door and head towards Mr. Kunkle's office. But before we reach it, the intercom goes off.

"Protection is down. We repeat, Protection is down. Stop all Imaginings and report to the conference room immediately."

"Oh crap." Nathan says. Oh crap is right.

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