I don't want to spam any more but seriously, I don't know what to do now. I need help.

I knew my happiness wouldn't last.

Chapter 1

Chapter one

by: FerSure
This morning, I only slept one hour. If you don't know, it was because I was excited with pinkpanther88 about something. My little sister woke me up with a "Grandma's crying", to which I responded in an instant, I don't care how sleepy I was, the woman is worth my disgusting life and much more.

Remember I told you my cousin Kevin died a few months ago? Tragedy struck again and now my aunt died. She was terminally I'll and we knew it would happen but my grandmother is too sentimental.

I had to get the balls to hug her, I can't take to see my grandma crying. It's horrible. She can't stop crying. My little sis woke me up because she had no idea what to do: she's only nine and she barely even knew my aunt. I'm the one dealing with this. I'm calling people, telling them. I'm comforting my grandmother but nothing seems to work! Right now, I'm locked up in my sisters room, away from her. I'm crying. I don't think I can do much for my grandmother. The state she's in just makes me want to I don't know, give her medication or something Seriosuly she's crying nonstop! Help, people who know how to deal with death? I've told you, the deaths of families and friends I've faced have all been this summer and I'm really a potato when it comes to this.

The woman was my grandmother's sister who was 12 years younger, she was basically like her daughter. In a way, like my mother said, her death was for best because she was suffering. Always sick.

Once again, Im so sorry for the spam and attention seeking but you'd never understand: I love my grandma more than life itself.


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