If you think I'm writing about you, you're right.

This is where I keep all of my poetry. And I will never tell you who it's about. But if you think it's about you; you're right.

Chapter 1


you are the only one
who can change my mood in an instant
and you affect me like no one ever has before
and no one ever has since
i met you
you are my everything
you are all of my yesterdays
and i see nothing in my tomorrows except for you
today you are not here
you haven't been around for any today
in quite a while
i'm scared you won't be here for many more todays
but promise me
you'll be there for the last tomorrow
it might come soon
because while you make me happier
than i ever suspected i could be
it is quite regularly that you try to
drown me in such terrible sadness

come and save me
for i can not swim

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