Walking in Your Shoes

Walking in Your Shoes

Page is an outcast in school, the "loner" is what everyone calls her. James is the football team's back-up quarter back. Both have problems in life, both think the other's problems aren't near as bad as their own. What happens when they swap bodies and have to face each other's problems head on? (my entry for the writing contest)

Chapter 1

Just Another Day (Page's P.O.V)

I hid my face in the hood of my jacket as I walked down the hall of the school. I only had to make it to class without being noticed. If I didn't, I'd be made fun of for sure. I reached into my locker and grabbed my Physics book. I turned around quickly and bumped into someone.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" James, my best friend, said, then he realized it was me. "Oh, sorry, Page, I didn't realize it was you." We began walking to our Physics class.

On the way, there were several whispers of "losers" or "aww it's the wannabe couple". I really hate my life!

"Hey, James! Maybe you'd be quarterback if you didn't spend so much time in loserville!" Gordon, the star quarterback yelled and high fived his friends.

He sighed, "I really hate those jerks!"

"You think you have it bad, at least you aren't put under pressure to be gorgeous all the time." I rolled my eyes.

"Really? I have to be perfect in order to become the star quarterback; but I'm still on the bench every week despite my efforts." He waved his arms for emphasis.

"Well at least you're on the team! When I tried out for the cheer squad, I didn't even get a 'good job' much less a spot on the team!" I poked his chest.

"I bet I could survive in your shoes without a problem!" He growled.

"You wouldn't last a day! I bet your life is so much easier than mine!" I yelled and stomped into the classroom. I couldn't believe his nerve!


The rest of the day went by just like every other day. I got made fun of; People gave me funny looks. The only difference was that James was avoiding me. It was odd not having him next to me, fighting the world. I stormed out of the school and headed home on my bike. When I got there, I felt sick. My stomach was hurting badly, and I had a random cramp in my left arm. Something weird was happening! It felt as though my whole body was changing; I rushed up to my room before my mom could see me. Suddenly, my clothes felt too tight. When I made it to my room, I looked down, and my legs were huge! It was almost as though I had turned into the hulk. Except, when I looked into the mirror, I wasn't another version of myself; I was an exact replica of James! I sent him a text.

James! We need to talk!

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