The Stanley Parable

There was once a man named Stanley, he worked all day went home slept and went back to work the next day, but one day, something happens.

This is NOT an original story and is inspired by a mod for Half Life 2 made by Davey Wreden and William Pugh. So credit to them.

Chapter 1


Narrator: Stanley was in his office as usual, pressing buttons as they appeared on a screen, the screen would send him numbers and he would type them into a machine, Stanley asked for nothing more and nothing less. He had passed his friend Jim on his way to his office, they had a brief conversation, as they always did and continued on to their offices. Stanley was pressing buttons when things went quiet, he could not hear anyone, he could not hear any other buttons being pressed, photocopiers being used or coffee machines making coffee and after a while, the numbers on the screen stopped appearing, for a while, he simply sat there, then suddenly, he got up and decided to check the locker room for his friends. Stanley walked down his hallway and came to two doors, he knew the one on the left took him to the locker room, but the one on the right, actually, he forgot where that door led.

Which way does Stanley go? You choose
I will wait another 2 days before continuing this story

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