I Accidentally Met You

Welcome to your life.

Allow me to introduce you to your fate.

Chapter 1

Meet Your Destiny


Remus Lupin looked down from the gleaming red train towards the voice, which had come from somewhere around his knees. The small, usually bouncy eleven-year-old girl was standing there quietly, staring off into the middle distance and biting her lip. He recognized the expression. He'd seen it many times before - first on the girl's mother, then on her. He knelt down beside her on the concrete, then waited until she turned to face him. "Mimi?" he replied, calling her an old nickname. Today, though, her worries were so monumental that she didn't even crack a smile. Remus grew serious, not wanting to seem insensitive. She was evidently troubled, and he remembered very well what she was feeling. "What is it dear?"

"Dad...." she began, then she leaned closer and whispered, "What if I'm not in Gryffindor?" Her deep blue eyes met Remus' lighter ones, and he saw just how worried she was about this particular problem. Wanting to help her understand this, he held her shoulders so the two were directly facing each other. "Destiny," he said, "you don't have to be a Gryffindor to be a remarkable witch. I know many people from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, and even a few from Slytherin, who are wonderful, good-hearted people, and who have added good things to the world." Destiny's eyes widened. "You know good-hearted people from Slytherin?" she said incredulously, momentarily forgetting her fear. Remus smiled, but before he could answer, a voice from above them said coldly, "Brainwashing them young, are we, Lupin?"

Remus' smile disappeared, and after a moment he came to his feet to face his old nemesis. "Only telling them the truth, Severus," he said quietly. Destiny just stood there staring at the tall, black-cloaked figure sneering down at her. "And is this little one yours, Lupin? I didn't know you were married. I assumed that you, of all people, would avoid trying to pass on your traits to future generations." Remus' eyes narrowed. "I am not married, and Destiny is not my daughter," he forced through clenched teeth. Destiny nodded in support. Snape's eyes narrowed in disbelief, then he turned to address her. "And where are your parents, to be leaving you in the care of someone like Lupin here, and letting him tell you whatever he likes?"

"They're gone," she said matter-of-factly. "I don't know where they are. Remus takes care of me. I call him Dad, even though he's not really my dad. But he acts like one, and "Dad" is shorter to say than "Remus", and it's more respectful than to call him by his first name, since I'm so young, and "Mr. Lupin" sounds weird since I've known him forever. And I don't think he minds." Had the information interested him less, Snape would have been astonished that an eleven-year-old hadn't quailed in his presence and had actually talked voluntarily to him, but as it was, he was too intent on what she was saying. His expression soon melted into a sneer as he said to Remus, "Well isn't that adorable. Remus gets to be a daddy." At Remus' furious expression and open mouth, about to make some retort, Snape stepped close and said softly, "Tread carefully. I know why you haven't been seen in the wizarding community in ten years, Moony, and I know what you are." Remus immediately replied in a tone that could have cut through lead, "Be that as it may, Snivellus, I will not stand by and allow you to insult my goddaughter. We aren't related by blood, but we are family, and I will protect her until my dying day."

Destiny watched the two men glare daggers at each other, then said quietly, "Dad? I need to go find a seat." Remus looked down at the girl whose life had been entrusted to him, his anger slowly fading. How could anyone dare to insult her? She was such a sweet, brave, wonderful girl. He suddenly realized she was waiting for a response. "Yes, yes, of course, let's go. I'll get your trunk." Once all Destiny's baggage was ready to be loaded, Remus turned around to face Snape one last time. "If I hear anything about my girl having trouble with any professors," he said casually but with an icy glare, "don't think you're the only one with leverage." He had the guilty satisfaction of watching his old enemy turn pale (well, paler), then red, and turned his back to Snape and led Destiny away.

Destiny was silent while they walked toward the Hogwarts Express. She had never seen Remus like that. He was never angry. Disappointed, occasionally. Upset, sometimes. But angry? Never. Not once in a blue moon did Remus ever threaten anyone or call people spiteful names. And yet he had just done both. Who was this Severus Snape, who could make her easy-going godfather lose his temper and spit out threats of blackmail? Destiny was intrigued by the power this pale man obviously had. Finally, when all her luggage was stowed except her gray cat, Wheezy, who would stay with her on the train, and they stood just outside the car, she cautiously asked, "Dad, does Severus Snape work at Hogwarts?" She was pretty sure he did, since Remus had mentioned my girl having trouble with any professors, but she wanted to be sure. Remus' face instantly darkened, and he answered grimly, "Yes, dear. I believe he's the potions master."

After a brooding silence which Destiny dared not break, Remus broke out of his musings by saying with a laugh, "Enjoy your last few hours in Muggle clothes. I know how much you hate wearing dresses, but do try to get along in your robes. Just wear jeans under them if you have to." Destiny laughed too and replied, "You actually thought I might not wear jeans under them?" Remus conceded the point with a grin, then suddenly knelt down and opened his arms. Destiny quickly set down Wheezy's cage and her jacket and stepped into his embrace. They hugged fiercely, and when Destiny stepped back she was amazed to see tears in Remus' eyes. "Oh, Dad, it's not like I'm going to my execution," she said, somewhat panicked. Remus never cried, either. What on earth was going on today?

He smiled a watery smile, then said, "No, I suppose not, but you'll be gone for so long. When you get back next summer I probably won't even recognize you, and what am I supposed to do on rainy evenings when there's no one to beat me at chess?" Destiny giggled. Chess was one of her favorite games, but only because she was so good at it. She replied with a smile, "You'll just have to do what I do during a thunderstorm when you're not home. Just sit and think of me, and the things I like to do, and the happy memories will come back to you, and then you won't feel nearly so lonely." Remus looked at his eleven-year-old ward, thinking he just might do that, then pulled her in for another hug. The five-minute whistle broke them apart. Remus straightened and watched as Destiny slung her jacket over her shoulder and tucked her cat's cage under her arm, looking as though she left for the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the first time every day. When she disappeared inside the car, Remus stared at the window he knew was hers until it opened, and he saw an excited, brave, beautiful little girl waving happily at him. He waved back, and continued waving as the train pulled his Destiny away from him, eventually taking her out of sight.

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