A few apologies...

Chapter 1


I hurt some of my friends... And I wanted to apologize to them...

Lexi, I never meant to hurt or offend you... You are by far the sweetest person I know, and I don't care your religion or your beliefs, you're a wonderful person.

Jenni: UGH!!! I HATE MYSELF NOW!!! How could I have been so stupid? I'm sorry, you are such a wonderful person, and I don't want to lose you as a friend... :'(

Nikki: Aww, I didn't mean to offend your friend, just because I disagreed with that, does not give me the right to go and rant about it to the whole world... Sorry to you and your friend.

And all the rest of you, I'm so so so so so so so so so sorry!!! I just was already upset, and then when I saw all the things people were saying on Delilah's story, I just blew my top... I know it's no excuse for my stupidity... So, I'm sorry, please forgive me... You know I love you all, and just want to see you in Heaven. But I am an idiot, I admit it, haha. :)


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