Secrecy is the Best Policy (Hogwarts)

This is my first ever story and it may not be very good but I'll give it a go anyway.

Alice Thornton is going into her 6th year of Hogwarts. She is a Gryffindor and her best friends are Hermione Granger and the two boys. As she enters into the new school year, she finds things are not as she thought and decides that secrecy is the best policy given the circumstances.

Hope you like it! Please comment if you can and give me some tips :)

Chapter 1

I'm certainly glad to see you again...

The noise kept getting louder. That annoying ringing noise coming from the smoke alarm in the kitchen. The smell of burnt toast reached my nose. Then, as if to say, just making sure you're awake, my alarm clock went off.
"Alice! Are you up yet?" I heard my mum calling up the stairs. I switched off my alarm clock and rolled over in bed again. My bedroom door swung open and in came my small little mum with her short brown hair pushed back with a length of ribbon.
"Breakfast's ready. We're leaving in an hour so hurry up," she said and walked out of my room.
"Shut the door!" I called after her. I groaned and got out of bed, pulled on my dressing gown and stuffed my feet into my slippers.
I looked at all the photographs on the wall down the stairs. My 'brilliant, successful' sisters beamed at me through the frames. Maria's the oldest. She's 24 and works for the Ministry in some department that deals with hearings. Then there's Charlotte.She's 22 and married to some weirdo who is obsessed with saving the pixies. Andrew is 7 and the only boy. I love my family but sometimes I feel like I have to compete with my sisters and be as wonderful as they are.
As I went into the kitchen the burnt toast was lying on a plate on the table along with a glass of orange juice.
"Eat up quickly and go and get dressed. We don't want to be late!" mum reminded me.
Just as I was biting into the black toast, Andrew came running in with the phone.
"It's your boyfriend!" he giggled, holding out the receiver. I took it from him and said,"Hello?"
It was Ron.
"He is not my boyfriend," I told Andrew who looked quite crestfallen that he didn't get to tease me. I put the phone back to my ear. Ron was still shouting.
"Ron, you don't need to shout! I can hear you!" I tried raising my voice over his.
The phone cut off. Mum came bustling in carrying coats and hats.
"Has Ron still not got the hang of the telephone?" she asked.
"Apparently not," I grinned. I noticed all of our coats she was carrying,"Mum, it's half 9. We don't need to be at Kings Cross for another hour and a half!"
"I don't want to get caught up in traffic. Hurry yourself along now and get changed!" she ushered me out of the kitchen.
Before I knew it, we were in the car on the way to London. My heavy trunk was packed full of school books, clothes and Muggle jelly beans for Ron, who thought it was incredibly odd that Muggles didn't have cabbage flavoured sweets, and my cat, Tizzy, was safely tucked away in her travel basket. We arrived at the station at 20 minutes to 11. Mum helped me get my trunk out of the boot and smothered me in a hug.
"My little girl going into 6th year," she started tearing up.
"Oh, mum, please don't start crying,"I begged as people started staring and my face got redder with embarrassment. After another hug and kiss I ran through the barrier to platform 9 3/4.
A mass of red hair and freckles surrounded me and I was hugged by Mrs Weasley and Ginny. Ron just stood awkwardly smiling at me. The twins had come to see us off too. Soon we were off to Hogwarts again. We met Harry and Hermione on the train and spent most of the journey talking, eating sweets and playing exploding snap. I got up to go for a walk around the train to have a nosey into some of the compartments to see Seamus, Dean and Neville and Ginny and Luna
As I was making my way back to Harry, Ron and Hermione, I felt a hand pull against my arm and the smooth, cocky voice of Draco Malfoy whispered in my ear,"I'm certainly glad to see you again, Thornton."
I kneed him in the shins and walked away as I heard him groaning and cursing after me. He had been doing weird little things like that since last term. Pulling me away or cornering me to whisper creepy, if slightly flirtatious, words in my ear. He had sounded more genuine today though which was what scared me. The thing that scared me most though, was that I felt glad to see him again too.

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