Chapter 1


Literally, I am so starving!! I would just eat nonstop for hours on end, if only I could... :'(
I can't seem to get food out of my mind, I keep thinking about all these glorious things I can't eat, and then I'm depressed... I'M ACTUALLY DEPRESSED THAT I CAN'T EAT!!!!!! That's how much I really want food right now.
I was talking with Delilah, we planned the perfect sleepover! First, we would go out to eat at Arby's, and eat a million or more curly fries! Then we'll go to the theater, and see a horror movie, and buy a bunch of candy and popcorn to eat while watching. After the movie, we'll still be hungry, so we'd go to Pizza Hut, where we'd each get our own large pizza! After that, we'd want desert, so we'd go out for ice cream, and I would get the largest cone I could. Then we'd head home, where we'd eat a bunch of chips and cookies and candy before bed! Then we'd have frutzels for breakfast, (I'd have about 20) and go to Arby's again for lunch, and Pizza Hut for supper. And after all that, I'd still be hungry!!!
Yes, I was daydreaming about food, and yes, that may seem pretty pathetic, but I'm sooooooooo incredibly hungry, I can't stand another day of starvation and no food!!!!


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