The First Vaccination

Okay this is for the Quibblo All-Stars Contest. I'm currently out of town and am writing this on my phone so yes it's short and yes it might have mistakes. I am very sorry.

Chapter 1

The First Vaccination

Sarah was pale, she was shaking, her lips were colorless. Ever since her brother died of the disease she looked like this.

This disease came up in the night, and hit Jason, hard. That's how it always was. One day you were fine but seemingly overnight you were in a state of sickness, death looming over your shoulder.

Jason was fine that night, in fact he and Sarah just visited their mother in the retirement home. Sarah didn't understand how the next morning Jason called her with a single sentence, "noxphila has hit me". Jason was pale, shaky, his eyes were red, his skin was turning black, and he was coughing up blood. He died a week later.

Sarah wasn't the same since, in both appearance and in character. She seemed to not care about anything but Jason and the disease, which became an obsession.

That's why Sarah was sitting in a metal chair in a lab. Scientists weren't sure how or even why the disease hit. They guessed it was a virus from how quickly the disease changed, a bacteria couldn't do that.

The scientists spoke out and asked for volunteers. They needed to test the vaccine.

"We don't know what this disease is," a spokesperson had said, "nor how it started but we are doing everything in our power to stop it's deadly spread. Right now that includes quarantine. Now we are injecting volunteers with the virus. Now the virus is still living, as we can not figure out how it 'dies'. This is very dangerous and we salute you and your sacrifice."

The woman said her speech with so much emotion Sarah wondered who she lost from Noxphila. Sarah wasn't nervous, the guy next to her was. Sarah was terrified. She didn't want to die, she was only thirty-two. However Sarah knew that death was not only probable but inevitable.

She wouldn't go as far as to say she invited death, but it didn't scare her. Sarah was scared, not of death but that her sacrifice would be for nothing. That was terrifying. Sarah didn't want more people to die.

Sarah was surprised that the FDA even allowed this test, the vaccine was a huge gamble and was anything but safe. There was almost no chance of survival. Sarah grips the arm rests and focuses on breathing.

Sarah needed to do this for her brother, in his memory. Jason lived to serve his community. That was what he did. Sarah figured that by being a guinea pig for this vaccine, she was serving the community too. The faster a safe vacinne was made, the sooner people would stop dying.

As a person dressed head to toe in white, with no skin exposed, comes in; Sarah has all these thoughts flase through her head. There were no second thoughts through.

"Thank you," the person in the marshmallow suit tells Sarah this before taking the needle in their gloved hand. As the needle inserts Sarah's arm she has one thought.

This is for you Jason.


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