Operation: D.O.R.A (Get Quibblo to Change his Profile Background To Dora........Quibblo Has something Important to say about it!)

Everybody...Quibblo commented on the Petition. He said there is something in Particular that we have to do in order for him to do it......so if you want him to do it...please read.

Chapter 1

Quibblo's Demands

Quibblo said he would do it....but on one condition. I copied and pasted his comment below on his conditions for it.

Quibblo: 07-29-2013 at 9:57 AM

I'll tell you what. If you can recruit 50 new users, I'll use Ripple's creation as my profile image for one full day. The new Quibblonians can't be current users just faking as new users (and I can tell, believe me). A friend from a different household will be more convincing rather than a sibling. Each new user should private message me and say who recruited them and that it's for the "Dora" project. Once I receive 50 new user messages, I'll consent. Deal?

So you heard that right. He will do it if we can get 50 new users to to sign up and to also message him about Operation D.O.R.A. So to all my friends....get some people to sign up with new accounts! If you have to sign up your grandparents! Your Parents! Sibling! Cousins! Aunts! Uncles! Friends! Enemies! Just get them to sign up! I am in current Negotation at this moment to Get my friend Bethany to sign up! So yeah! If I get her to join that will just leave 49 people! So come on people! Let's do this!


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