Friends Split by TIme!

Allison and Denver were best friends. until something tragic happened. young Denver had been diagonosed with cancer. Allison didnt know until someone at school told her. whenever Allison tried to go to the hospital they would say if she was a family member and she would say, "No, Im her friend!" she would be escorted out and she would worry even more about Denver. Allison began to think of ways to join Denver if Denver died. She began thinking of suicide.....but heres are some of the happy times

Chapter 1

That Girl in the Corner! ~ Allison

Hi my name is Allison but people call me Al or Alli. Everyday in school, everytime i walk over to my table, i see that scared and lonely girl in the corner, by herself. it almost made me cry. that girl sitting there, alone, no friends. I had been accepted into the popular crowd right when i entered school. I had just moved here. I am 8 and in 3rd grade. but i couldnt stand seeing that girl everyday, in the same old corner. so before i sat down i quickly went over to the girl. when i asked her name....she looked up. "Denver." the girl croaked. i asked if i could sit next to her and the next thing i saw in her face made me smile. she had an absolute shocked expression. Denver smiled and nodded. I put my back to the wall and saw Denver was holding a pencil and a notebook. "Homework? do you need any help on it? i had gone to a private school before coming here." I smiled. "Yes thank you! its math so.....!?" Denver shook her head. "Here." i grabbed the notebook and pencil and showed her everything. "Woah! Thanks...?" Denver smiled. "Oh my names Allison but people call me Al or Alli." i extended my hand and helped Denver up. The bell rang. "Ugh! Math class!" Denver groaned. "Hey! i think we have the same math class! i never saw you there before..." I laughed. "Yeah i never got a chance to see you around and maybe we can sit together." Denver shivered. "What!?" I froze and gave her my jacket. "Thanks but....." Denver smiled. "No. i mean keep it!" I laughed. and that's how i met Denver.

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