Changed (A Divergent Fanfic)

Name: Ayla Fredericks
Age: 16
Previous Faction: Abnegation
Current Faction: Dauntless Initiate
Love Interest: Eric (I know... whattt? I'm portraying him a lot differently in the story.)
Friendships: Tris, and Four


P.s. By no means am I fantastic writer, but I do my best. Constructive criticism is encouraged and welcomed. Thank you.

Chapter 1


I sighed as I stumbled, and quickly bolted towards the moving train. My feet leave the ground in a moment of haste, as my nails begin to grip the bottom of the train car. I was slipping, a small hand grabbed onto mine and began to weakly tug me in. Finally, with struggle from the both of us, I was in.

"Thanks." I muttered brushing off my gray long sleeve shirt. A small underdeveloped girl shyly nodded her head.

"Um, I'm Ayla." I said, noticing our matching outfits.

"Beatrice." She smiled, her blue eyes looking into my green ones.

"Abnegation?" I asked, trying to continue the conversation. She nodded.

"Dauntless now, and you better remember it." A boy murmured under his breath. I wasn't sure if he was a transfer or if he was born Dauntless.

We spent an uncomfortable hour waiting for the train to stop, it never did.

"Come on initiates let's go!" A man, not much older than us, yelled.

"The trains still moving." Someone yelled back, seemingly appalled at the idea.

Before they could get a response he was gone, and the rest were quickly following.

"Just stick the landing." I laughed awkwardly to Beatrice who smiled uncomfortably back. My feet left the steel car and were now in midair. I was falling, falling, smack, my tan boots hit the rooftop. A shooting pain arose from my ankle and through my leg.

"Ugh." I groaned, grasping it hoping to relieve the pain.

"You okay?" Beatrice asked, her voice wobbly and uneven.

"Yes." I said through gritted teeth.

"Let's go initiates!" A new voice yelled. We all quickly rushed, the voice leading our way.

"Who wants to jump?" A young, but stern, face appeared, his dark hair swiped to the side.

"C'mon, or I'll push you all." He grumbled when no one volunteered.

"I'll do it." Beatrice stepped through the crowd and to the ledge, half of me wanted to scream and cheer for her, the other half was jealous that I hadn't volunteered. Making my way through the crowd of initiates I watched her as she lined her feet over the edge.

"Come on now." He coaxed. She fell, not a scream had left her lips.

"Who's next?" He smirked, his eyes searching for his next prey.

Silently I stepped forward, my boots lined up at the edge.

"Huh, we really got a lot of Stiffs this year." He chuckled to himself at his new discovered realization, while others joined. I turned my head, and glared at him.

"Arrogant piece of..." I muttered.

"What's that Stiff?" He said, taking a step towards me.

"Guess you'll find out later." I smirked, and walked off the ledge.

"Ayla!" Beatrice greeted from the sidelines of the net. I smiled and waved, and began to wobble my way towards solid land. A sturdy hand gripped onto mine and led me across.

"So, I heard you gave the leader some lip up there." A dark skinned girl laughed, shaking her head slowly.

"Guessing that was a mistake?" I smiled. She nodded, her brown eyes looking sympathetic.

"Definitely a mistake." The boy that grabbed my hand muttered as he waited for the rest of the initiates.

"He's Four." Beatrice said, gesturing to him.

"He looks a lot older than that Beatrice." I said, glancing towards him. A smirk planted on his face.

"Not Four, his name is Four. By the way, it's Tris." She continued.

When the rest of the initiates had successfully fallen, we stood to wait for the leaders.

"Boo." A low whisper spoke into my ear. I stood frozen.

"Not the reaction I was expecting from a back talker." He murmured and walked around me.

"Dauntless born initiates go with Lauren, transfers, you're stuck with us." His eyes traveled to me.

"Oh frightening." I muttered, Tris breaking out into a fit of laughter.

"Yeah you'll see." Eric snarled, as he turned and stomped off. What? I was being Dauntless.

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