If you are on Quibblo and would like to be featured in a Quibblonian story, please read! (SECOND CHAPTER ADDED)

Remember, long in the distant past, when the brilliant author Russia AKA Mr Chair AKA JadesFlame AKA Gaibe decided to begin a group story by the name of Camp Quibblonian? Well it was a total failsickle. Which is why we are gathered here today.

Chapter 1

When in doubt, do it yourself.

by: Hyouka
I tried to make a group story called Camp Quibblonian.

First of all, this is a message to all of the members of that group story - I have decided to get rid of it. I am SO SORRY. But...um. There were too many of you (I tend to do that) and the story didn't have much of a plotline to it and the characters were a bit random and nobody had any idea how to get to Camp Quibblonian. I guess that's what happens when a bunch of people who spend all their time alone on their computers try to make friends in stories. Hm.

Well anyways, I have decided that I will continue the story by myself. Which is why this story exists. I CHOOSE YOU, MEMBERS OF QUIBBLO!

In order to make a Quibblonian Camp Halfblood story, I need...Quibblonians. So. If you want to be in the story, here is what I need! If you want to change your name or use a nickname that you use often, I am perfectly fine with that!

Name: (Can be a nickname or something made up if you don't want to use your real one, first name only for privacy reasons)
Age: (Can be currently, or if you want to up your age by a year that's okay too)
Appearance: (It doesn't have to be in deep detail, just general eye, hair color)
Personality: (What kind of person are you? How do people see you on first impression?)
Accents?: (Optional. I am American, so an American accent means nothing to me. XD)
Weapon: What weapon do you want?
God/Goddess Parent (I have the ability to change this if it's too out there. For example: try to find god/goddesses that are a bit less known so we don't have like seven children of Athena all in the same story, because knowing authors on this site, that will probably be the most popular choice right after Posiedon.)
Catch Phrases?: Also optional! But do you have a certain line that you say a lot, that people may recognize? This will make you a more memorable character!

I will probably cut down numbers if there are too many of you, but I doubt that because I'm not all that popular, so...XD

YAY have fun! Enter yourselves! Please. Also spread the word if you want!

*P.S. I know that Supersaiyan is gone as of now but I have officially claimed use over him so he will be in the story. ^.^

Thanks bros!


Become on with Mother Russia, da? ^J^

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