All-Stars Contest Repost

ah f

Chapter 1

So titles... hmmm, titles.... I have none

Ok guys here is the newest kind of contest there is. Cam (1cam2) and Layla_District4 (Lexi) are on the lookout for the best 24 writers on quibblo to participate in a game show like contest.

To get in is a little harder. You will have to be nominated by another quibbler and Lexi and I will look over your stories to see if you are worthy. If you are then we will privately message you.

You nominate someone by messaging me or Lexi. Our search will end in a month so results won't be right away.

You then will be separated into two teams and those two teams will take a quiz made by Cam and Lexi. Each person will take the quiz and post there results in the comments or privately message me it if you don't want to post it.

The team with the lowest team average then has to nominate two teammates to face off in a writing challenge (More specific later on) Cam and Lexi will give -5 extra points to the one we like and then everyone still in the game will vote for the person you want eliminated.

Good luck to everyone and please repost this contest so that it can reach everyone on this site.


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