Star's Destiny (Warrior Fanfiction)

In a time where Twolegs didn't have Monsters or Thunderpaths and Thunderclan was never even thought of, a cat was born. This cat was named Star.
Star grew up living her life among rogues and loners, until finally she decided that all cats needed order in their lives. And thus, the Warrior Code was created. Soon after the creation of the code, Star set out to create 4 Clans to keep balance in the forest.
This is the creation of the first four clans: Moonclan, Sunclan, Cloudclan, and Starclan.

Chapter 1

Cats to Know

Star- pretty white she-cat with gray paws, tail, and ears. Silver and black markings on her face. Blue eyes.

Moon- Black tom with yellow eyes, white paws and tail tip.

Sun- yellow tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Cloud- long-haired white tom, blue eyes.

Shadow- tortoiseshell (mainly black) she-cat with yellow-green eyes.

Feather- cream-colored she-cat with pretty green eyes.

Talon- light tan tabby, blue eyes.

Smoke- gray tom with gray eyes.

Echo- gray tabby she-cat.

Eagle- Mottled brown tom, green eyes.

Rain- gray tabby she-cat,

Patch- calico and white tom, yellow eyes.

Tiger- orange tabby tom

Swift- Black and white tom, green eyes.

Clover- brown tabby she-cat, green eyes.

Night- black she-cat

Area they live in:
The cats all live near a Twolegplace that is filled with horses, sheep, cattle, pigs, and chickens. They mainly prey on mice and birds, but occasionally will catch a chicken/chick.
Beyond the Twolegplace is an open field, which leads into a forest. In the middle of the forest is a stream. The cats shelter wherever they can.

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