Draco Malfoy Love Story

Draco Malfoy Love Story

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Chapter 1

Arriving at Hogwarts

"Get up already! We have to leave in ten minutes!" my mom yelled from downstairs.
I moaned. "Ok! I'm up!" After a few minutes of sitting there, I fell back asleep.
"GET UP!" my mom yelled in my dream.
"Huh?" I asked.
"We're going to miss the train. You have to get up if you want to go to Hogwarts. You've been so excited for this." I finally got up and pulled on a cute outfit, went downstairs, and ate breakfast. We ran the whole way to the train station (it was right down the road). After finding Platform nine and three-quarters, I quickly said my good-byes and jumped on the train. Before I could even find a compartment, the train was speeding off. I slipped through the nearest door, where I was greeted by a few first years.
"Mind if I sit here?" I asked.
"Actually, I do, that's where I was going to put my owl."
"Well, your owl will have to live on the floor," I said, before I thought about it. I was known for having an attitude.
"Did you not hear me? I said move!"
"Do you not hear me? I say that just sucks for you." He glared at me while his two buddies, who were fat compared to that wimp, stuffed their mouths with candy. I smirked at them before breaking the silence. "I see you have cronies to make your skimpy self look tough. Who do you think you are, anyway?"
"Malfoy. Draco Malfoy," he said. I already knew the name. I smiled, then stood up, walked over toward him, and slapped him across the face.
"What was that for?!" he asked. He wasn't used to having competition.
"For being a Malfoy," I answered. His two buddies were already throwing punches, but they missed every single time. I take karate, so that was pretty easy to deal with.
"Who do you think YOU are?!" said Malfoy. "My father will be hearing about this!"
"That's a first," I mumbled. "I'm Grace." I held out my hand, and he tried to shake it. Pfft, yeah right. I pulled my hand to the side and almost broke his hand, but not quite. That should hurt for a little bit, but it isn't noticeable after a few minutes.
"You are almost as mean as me," he said.
"If I was mean, I would be beating up a Hufflepuff. I can't stand them."
"Why? They are friendly," he said. That was weird.
"I'm going to be a Ravenclaw. I know it."
"Nerd," he muttered, and that was the last straw. His buddies were still in the corner crying, so I took the opportunity to slap him across the face again.
"At least I'm not a COMPLETE jerk." I usually was pretty quiet and nice, but if you mess with me, I'm a completely different person. My close friends were the only people that knew that.
"So anyway," I said, trying to change the subject, "why are you mean to everyone?" I instantly knew I shouldn't have said that. He looked sad.
"I don't want to be," he said quietly. "My family..."
"Yeah," he replied. "I hate being called a jerk. I hate being known as Malfoy. I hate being the enemy of all the Gryffindors, even though I can't stand them.
"Then why are you?" I asked.
"I have no choice. Can't you tell? You-know-who counts on my family, even though I'm pretty sure he's gone. My father believes he's out there, and he has stayed faithful, and warned me to do the same."
"That's why?" I asked. I thought that for a few minutes- I was a Ravenclaw (or at least I knew I would be).
"Yeah, pretty much," he answered. He was pressured by his family. He depended on them, and vice-versa. He was the future generation.
"What house do you really want to be in?" I asked.
"Any but Slytherin. I know that's what I'll get, but only because of my name."


"Harry Potter!" yelled the professor. The room instantly got quiet. My name was Grace Woods, so I would be one of the last called. Draco had of course gotten Slytherin, and he had smiled, though I was pretty sure it was fake.
I turned my attention back on the skinny kid that was sitting on the stool. THAT was Harry? Everyone expected him to be muscular, or tall, or look strong. He just looked ordinary, besides his eyes. It was a long while before the hat called out Gryffindor. The rest of the names passed by quickly. Soon it was my turn.
"Grace Woods!" I walked forward.
I put the hat on, and listened as it said in my ear, "Hmmm, you could fit in at any of the houses. I will mark out Gryffindor, however, because you are not the most confident. Hufflepuff would be fitting for you, but you don't want that, do you? You aren't the nicest all the time. Ravenclaw would be close to perfect for you, considering your knowledge and friendliness. However, Slytherin would be good, because of your snappy attitude. Slytherin or Ravenclaw?" The hat was asking ME what house I wanted to go to. I really wanted to be in Ravenclaw, and it noticed that, but it also noticed my other thoughts. "You have a friend in Skytherin, Malfoy to be exact." It then yelled out, quite suddenly, "RAVENCLAW!"
Everyone had diverted their attention away by that point. "You broke the record for longest time in the sorting hat," said an exasperated Dumbledore. "Let's continue." Meanwhile the people at the Ravenclaw table were going nuts. I sat next to a girl who seemed quiet but quickly turned towards me. "Hi, I'm Cho!"
"I'm Grace!" I said, smiling at her. She was very nice, and we talked for a while. Then food appeared on the table, and everyone started eating. I noticed a redhead, like myself, at the Gryffindor table. He was sitting next to Harry, and they were so loud that everyone could hear them, even throughout all the students talking. And they were DISGUSTING. I laughed at how they ate, as it was quite funny.
Cho looked at them, and smiled and said, "Isn't he cute?" she asked.
"Which one? Harry, right?"
"Duh," she said, smiling.
"I suppose, but he isn't exactly my type," I answered.
"What is your type?" she asked.
Me, being the person I am, replied, "I'd rather not say. You would think I'm crazy."
"Please tell me!" she begged.
"Later. Not around all these people."


"So, now that we are alone, what is your type?" asked Cho, as we sat in the Ravenclaw girls' dormitory.
"Well, actually, I like-"
"Hey, you need to come down to the common room to hear the rules," interrupted an older Ravenclaw. Cho was mad, and locked the door behind the guy.
"I never said there was a specific person!"
"But there is, isn't there?"
"You will hate me."
"I promise no matter what we will always be friends."
"We just met two hours ago!"
"Whatever. Tell me!"
"FINE! I like-" I was interrupted yet again by another knock on the door.
"Oh god, what now?" said Cho, as I opened the door.
"Grace, you need to go the headmaster's office. Now."
I ran the whole way, running past teachers who tried to stop me. I finally made it to the office, but I had no clue what the password was. I looked around, and finally saw a teacher. Snape.
"Ah, Miss Grace Woods. The password is Lemon Drops." The stairway opened, and we went up to the office, where the headmaster was waiting.
"Grace! What a pleasure to see you! If you will please excuse us," he said, motioning Snape to go away. Snape quickly obeyed and left the room.
"You are the brightest young lady we have had at Hogwarts. By far."
"Um, thank you!" I said, smiling.
"That is what confuses me. Why did it take the Sorting Hat so long to place you in Ravenclaw?" I quickly looked away, thinking of possible excuses while blushing.
"Grace, please tell me. This is very important information. I promise I will be the only one to know about this."
I don't know why, but I really trusted him. "I should be in Slytherin."
"Why would that be? You were placed in Ravenclaw."
"I am not the nicest, and while I am smart, I don't really always use it the right way," I answered, sighing.
"The sorting hat is never wrong. I think you fit in Ravenclaw just fine. I saw you already have a friend, Cho."
"I have friends in Slytherin, too, though." Whoops. I need to learn to hold my tongue.
"You do? I guess that would be another factor."
"Not to mention my friend doesn't actually belong in Slytherin, no matter what the sorting hat said." I shouldn't have said that, either.
"Who is this friend? We can have it arranged for them to switch houses."
"No, don't!" I said quickly. "Please, don't. His family will hate him!" Again? Really brain?
"Yes," I answered honestly.
"You couldn't possibly be talking about Malfoy, right?"
"Yes, I am."
"I see," he replied. "What if you switched houses? That has never been performed before, except-" he cut himself off.
"Except what?"
"I can't really say, as I've been sworn to secrecy." If he was sworn to secrecy, it must be pretty important.
"What do you think of switching?" he asked. I couldn't think. This was possibly the most important decision I had ever faced.
"I'll switch," I said, finally.
"I have been thinking of something for a while now, but I am not sure if it would work. What would happen if we added another house? The house of Dumbledore," he said chuckling.
"I think that's a great idea. Seriously!"
"I will write it down. In the meantime, we will have all of your things moved to the Slytherin dormitories." He picked up his wand, said something I couldn't hear, and put it back down. He walked out of the room, and I was left alone. That was when I noticed it. The Phoenix. It was beautiful; it had many feathers, most a shade of red or gold, and it looked at me with beady eyes. I laughed as he turned his head sideways, looking at me and squawking.
Suddenly, a cold voice spoke up behind me. "Grace?" I spun around.
"Wh-who are you?" I asked shyly.
"I am Lucius Malfoy." He continued before I had time to say anything. "I was looking for Dumbledore, but as I can see he isn't here."
"How did you know my name?" I asked.
"You are a Woods. Pretty spread out family." It was: my mother had eight siblings, most of which had at least two kids. I was the only lone child.
"Yes, I suppose," I replied shyly. "Dumbledore isn't here right now, he is helping me switch houses."
"Switch houses?! That's absurd. Why would you break from family tradition?" I now understood what Draco was talking about. "Which house are you switching to?"
"I suddenly like you. Good choice... I still don't understand exactly why you switched, however."
"Um, well, you see, I'm not exactly fit for Ravenclaw."
"Oh, I understand," he said. Liar.
"Ok, well, I think Professor Dumbledore went in there," I said, pointing toward a certain door. Lucius knocked on the door, where Dumbledore was writing in a notebook that he quickly shut. That was odd.
"Um, Grace, you need to leave. All your stuff should be in the dormitories by the time you get there."
"Thank you, sir," I said politely before heading out.
I had no clue where I was going. Fortunately, Professor Snape was sitting at the bottom of the staircase. "Um, can you help me find the Slytherin common room?" I asked.
"Yes," he said, and got up, "but first you must tell me why."
"I'm joining your house." He laughed like I was a joke.
"That's funny," he said. "Tell me the true reason."
"Didn't Professor Dumbledore tell you? I'm switching houses!" I said.
"I don't quite believe your case. However, I will ask Dumbledore." He pulled out his wand and whispered something I couldn't hear. What was up with that?! After a minute, a look of disbelief spread across his face, and he said, "Right this way, Grace." I smiled, and he glared angrily at me.
"I wish you would have just stayed in Ravenclaw." I just kept smirking, and we soon made it to the common room. Unlike the Ravenclaw room, which was in a tall tower, the Slytherins were housed deep underground. When we walked though the door, I saw a ton of kids laughing in a circle. They were pointing at a newspaper, where the baby Harry Potter was shown all bundled up. Mustaches and uni-brows were scribbled across his face. It did actually look kind of funny. I looked at a different part of the room where a few first years were sitting, including Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. I thanked Snape, then walked up to them.
"How did you get in here?!" asked a snotty girl. She was quite ugly, her face looked smashed up and her frizzy hair was uneven. I almost broke out laughing at the sight of her.
"I switched houses. The sorting hat apparently placed me wrong." They all looked amazed.
"That's a first," said Crabbe.
"Yes, it is, Captain Obvious," I replied.
"You'll fit in fine," said Pansy.
"Duh, why else would I switch houses?"
"A bit full of herself, don't you think? She must think she's smarter than us," Pansy whispered to Malfoy, who shrugged her off.
"I have ears," I interrupted. "And, by the way, I am smarter than you, considering the fact I was almost placed in Ravenclaw." Her smashed up face looked at me in the most idiotic way I have ever seen. I decided to call her Pugface. I laughed at her.
"Hey, guys, why don't we do something else? We should join them," said Malfoy, pointing at the people gathered around the article.
"Yeah, that's a good idea," I said, and we walked over to them.
"Shoo, first years! We bought repellent and it would be a shame if we had to use it."
"Repellent?" I asked. The boy, who looked like a fourth or fifth year, held up a spray bottle labeled "First Year Repellent".
"You have to be joking," said Malfoy.
"Got it from those idiotic twins. About the only thing the Weasley's are good for." Everyone cracked up.
"TRY IT OUT!" yelled someone. The kid smiled evilly, then squirted a bit. The spray came out the other way, squirting his eyes with pepper spray. Everyone died of laughter.
"I knew those twins wouldn't sell anything for real to a Slytherin," said Malfoy, between laughter.
"Someone notify Snape!" said the kid. The first years laughed.
"No way!" said Pansy. "This is a perfect example of karma for buying from a Weasley!"
"Okay! I learned my lesson! Help me!" I stopped laughing and ran out of the room, someone at my heels. I never looked back, however, because I was searching for a teacher. I finally ran into Filch and his stupid cat.
"We need help in the Slytherin common room. One of the students is hurt."
"It's past curfew. You sho-"
"A student is hurt!" said Malfoy from behind me.
"You will be seeing Professor Snape immediately." He then practically dragged us to Snape's office.
"It's their first night here. How could they possibly be in trouble?" asked Snape, directing that at Filch.
"They were out of bed past curfew!"
"Did you even ask them a reason?"
"Um, well, their excuse is that one of the students was hurt, but-"
"Just leave! I will deal with this." Filch ran out, his dumb cat at his feet.
"Why would you ask Filch for help?" asked Snape. "He's the biggest idiot here."
"There was no one else," I replied.
"We ran for a long time and he was the only person we found. We still need to help that kid!" said Draco.
"Fine, fine. Now you know never to go to Filch or his excuse for a cat."
"Okay," I said. "We need to hurry."
We finally made it to the common room, where the other kids had stopped laughing and were trying to help the kid.
"Move it!" Snape shouted at them, and they cleared a path. He carried the kid out of the door, and left us behind.
"What happened?" Pansy asked me.
"Why were you guys gone so long?" asked Crabbe. Everyone oooed at that.
"Not that," I said, blushing. Everyone was laughing at us.
"We ran into Filch and his filthy cat," said Draco quickly. Everyone nodded and got back to whatever they were doing. I decided to go up to the dormitories.
What an eventful night! I already knew this year was going to be perfect. I was putting my clothes in the drawers when Pansy and Draco walked in, talking about Snape.
"I don't really trust that he is 'good' enough to be teaching," said Draco. He obviously knew Snape as a death eater.
"He should be with you-know-who! Not Dumbledore, the old bat!" said Pansy.
"He's alright," I interrupted. They both nodded. We all sat on the floor when it started getting awkward. It was at least midnight, and we had to get up for classes in two days; tomorrow we had a free day to explore Hogwarts. We all started talking.
"Which house would you guys actually choose to be in?" I asked randomly.
Draco sighed, and answered, "Ravenclaw."
"Hufflepuff," replied Pansy.
"It sucks, having parents want you in a house you don't belong in." I was thinking of Ravenclaw. Even though I like that house, it doesn't seem right for me.
"Yes, it does," they both agreed.
"We should probably go to bed," I said, and got up. Pansy nodded, and walked out. Draco didn't move; I could tell he was thinking.
"What are you thinking about?"
"My family. If I ever stray from tradition my dad is quick to punish me. It ranges from hitting me with a spell to having all the death eaters make fun of me."
"That sucks. My family is nice to me. They let me choose for my self, no matter how difficult."
"Are you pure blood?"
"Half blood."
"My dad already hates you." I laughed, thinking of his dad. I told him about meeting him earlier.
"He doesn't seem too friendly."
"That would be an understatement," said Draco. We both laughed again.
"Um, well, my parents are the opposite. They are TOO loving. It bugs me a lot, how protective they are of me. I'd rather have that than your family though, the way they don't like you."
"Yeah, me, too," he said. It was then I realized how close we were. I looked into his icy blue eyes, and saw worry and nervousness. He leaned in even more, until we were almost touching, but not quite. "I like you," he whispered, "even though we met today. It feels like I've known you forever." Then he kissed me. I was a bit surprised at first, but soon I relaxed. It wasn't a crazy lovers kiss, just a simple peck on the lips.
That wasn't what I expected a kiss to feel like; it was my first. I expected to feel a very passionate feeling. All I felt was butterflies and nervousness. It was weird. I liked it. We both smiled, and then just kinda sat next to each other silently for a few minutes. "I like you, too," I said after a long silence. Then we leaned in again, this time for longer. After about twenty seconds, we pulled away.
"We should probably go to bed. We have to get up early tomorrow," he said. I nodded in agreement, and went to bed.
It was almost impossible to sleep. My mind raced with thoughts. First I thought about Draco, then I remembered Cho and how she felt about Harry. I wondered if it was the same thing I was feeling. Actually, I wasn't sure WHAT I was feeling. Nervousness, pity, a bit of love, apprehension... I thought of the red headed kid, and figured out that he must be a Weasley. None of the Slytherins liked them. I thought and finally decided that they were jealous of the Weasley's because of their caring personalities. Except maybe the repellent prank.

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