Hi, guys!

Hi, guys!

Hi everyone. :3

Chapter 1

Ask me questions!

Hi guys! I know I haven't been on in a while(Xemnas keeps making me go on missions that he knows I won't finish... >.>), so I don't know many of you well. So I wanted to do a little Q&A with you all! :D ask me any question, and I'll answer it as best I can! Also, I wanna ask you some questions, too!

1)How're you today? c:
2)What's your favorite color?
3)How long have you been on Quibblo?
4)Do you like water?
5)Can we be friends~? Pweeeeezzzz? puppy dog eyes

I hope you guys like this kinda thing and leave me questions. And answer mine too, please! Thanks, everyone! :D

~ Demyx


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