Across The Sea (A 1D Fanfic)

This is a rewrite of Foolishly Falling for you, I didn't like how fast things were going, and I wasn't too fond of the cast I chose, and how I was writing it.

It's going to occur along the same lines, they go on a 12 day cruise on Oasis of the seas and meet the guys and yeah you'll see!

Again, the p.o.v's will change.
Oh, and outfits will be in the first link, just in case people are curious.


Chapter 1

Chapter One (Josie's p.o.v)

"Josie please don't forget tomorrow we leave to Europe." My mom said, her heels clicking against the wooden living room floor.

"Yeah, I know." I mumbled, I had been dreading it ever since she told me.

"I've got a press meeting today. We're planning for next season." She explained, pushing in her diamond earring.

"Okay." I sighed.

"Your dad won't be home until late, maybe 10. He's hosting for the finale of Know or Go." She grabbed her purse and swiftly opened the door.

"I know." I muttered.

"Don't think too much about it honey, get some sleep, it'll be fine once we board the ship." Her blue eyes became sympathetic, but she then realized she was in a hurry and quickly rushed out the door.

How could I sleep? My parents were never home, my best friend left me, and my little sister had more of a social life than my 18 year old self did.

Miss you. My phone lit up as I got a message from my blonde headed blue eyed best friend.

Miss you too! I sent back, looking at the time. It was six, but yet my mom still had a press meeting.

My head was beginning to droop, and my eyes beginning to close.

"Hey kiddo, you fell asleep." My dads brown eyes peered down on me as I laid uncomfortably across the white couch.

"What time is it?" I asked grouchily.

"Time to go, you slept through the night." My mom said, tying her scarf tightly around her neck.

"You're kidding." I gasped, quickly standing to my feet.

"What your wearing is fine, the coast is only half an hour away."

"We have to pick up the guys though." My brat of a sister walked into the living room, looking like she just stepped out of a kids clothing magazine.

"Guys?" I panicked, quickly undoing and redoing my chocolaty brown hair into a messy bun.

"One Direction duh." My sister snapped. Of course, looking down at my sea green mustache sweater and striped green and pink leggings.

"Just put on those boots, it's going to be cramped so you mine as well be comfy." My mom said, pointing to my black polka dot slippers.

"Fine." I groaned.

My suitcases were already in the escalade, as were everyone else's. The drive to pick up the guys was short, and frankly uneventful. I was forced in the back while my sister got the middle seat all the way upfront.

The car came to a stop, and my eyes instantly begin to search through my phone. Unfortunately being unable to resist I glanced up once I heard the first one get in.

Oh my gosh, look away. Awkward eye contact. I thought as I quickly stared into Louis' deep blue eyes.

"Hello." He happily greeted as he sat next to me in the back, Harry squeezed next to him.

"Hi." I muttered, quickly taking out my phone.

"Ehm, alright." Louis shrugged, seeming a bit offended, and sat back, his shoulders touching mine.

Emma, I am sitting next to Louis Tomlinson right now. HELP! I quickly sent, this was not okay.

How far from the dock are you? She sent back moments later.

Maybe 15, no idea! I sent, my brain was screaming.

Well hang in there. :) Really that's all I get is a hang in there? Louis moved again, his hand now uncomfortably close to my knee.

This was going to be a long 15 minute drive, and frankly I didn't know how long I could go without completely embarrassing myself.


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